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Thursday, June 19, 2008

Earth Changes & Predictions

It is very sad to see all the terrible things that are going on with the floods in the mid-west. My heart and prayers go out to those who are suffering from loss due to the effect of the floods and weather patterns. This sure has been the worst I have ever seen the weather. Unfortunately this is nothing compared to what is yet to come as the planet goes through the Earth changes.

During my new years radio showing while discussing my predictions for 2008 I said this would be a heck of a year for storms and weather related disasters. I even spoke about Wisconsin and that I saw something big happening there related to the weather. The number 9 was also mentioned in my predictions as being a significant date. On June 9 a dam in Wisconsin broke sweeping away dozens of homes. More then 12 counties in Wisconsin have been declared a federal disaster area.

Hurricane season has not even started yet and we just keep getting hit by storms. The Native Americans call it the Earth changes and it looks like its here. With over population, pollution and so many other things the planet is eventually going to clean itself up if we don't start to do it ourselves. This is why it is really important to recycle and try to go green and take care of our planet, it is the only one we have.

In my predictions I also talked about two major food contamination's that would hit the news headlines. One would be beef which has already come to pass. Now we have the problem with tomatoes and I feel there is another one to come. Wash those vegetables and fruit really well.
So many of the predictions have already come to pass and there are still more to come. This was the first time I listed yearly predictions and I'm still surprised by what I had come up with. Lately I have been seeing other future visions so I'm going to try and find some time to sit and meditate on it so I can write and update in a future blog.

The next few weeks are a little busy for me with several events. Tomorrow evening I will be at Transformations Holistic Center in
Voorhees New Jersey. I always get excited before a big event and look forward to it. Tomorrows event is sold out but there are a few tickets are available for next weekends events.

So before going to bed this evening reflect on the things you have in your life and remember there are people who are not as fortunate and do not have the things we appreciate and sometimes don't appreciate. Remember that at any time the things we hold on to can be taken right out from under us. Say a little prayer for those who may not be as fortunate as we may be and be thankful for the things you are fortunate enough to have.


Anonymous said...

Oh Joseph, I think we are past the tipping point in changing our behaviors and trying to stop what is occuring. There have been too many drastic changes and injuries to the Earth for her to stop now. She is doing a major cleaning!

I was looking at a map of the country and had a split second picture of Gaia gazing in anguish at the west coast. Scared the *hit out of me.

goletasue said...

Thank you, Joseph, I will look forward to your earth changes update. I especially appreciate your strong positive energy uplifting us in the face of disasters which lead many Americans to despair. You're right to suggest prayer, meditation, affifrmations in these times. I am personally working on cultivating contentment and gratitude in all events - not easy, but worthwhile. My heart goes out to the people of Iowa, a lovely state which I have visited several times. Beautiful farmland is now awash in a brackish water of toxic chemicals, hazardous substances, oils and solvents, and genetically modified seeds travelling where they were never planted. The earth there is in need of healing now.

Interesting that your blogger above is seeing something for the west coast. Here in California, we are another important agricultural state providing the US food supply and we are currently in serious drought conditions.

Much light and blessings to you as well.