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Saturday, June 28, 2008

Persistent Spirits, Three Murder Victims & The Loss Of A Child

Before telling you a little about what happened today I wanted to share an experience I had yesterday with a client. Two young ladies, both close friends, came to see me for a life reading. For those of you that do not know what I consider a life reading its really quite simple. Life readings are basically a psychic reading looking into the present events in your life, future events that will come to pass and some direction in your life.

Life readings about 20 minutes and usually no longer because I'm able to provide a great amount of information in that short period of time. It is different then a connection beyond reading because there are no connections with deceased loved ones and it takes less energy from me then a connection. I depend on my spirit guides(Guardian Angels) and the spirit guides guides of my client to help determine where their life is presently and where it could lead or should lead.

So going back to the two lovely ladies who came to see me for their life readings. The first of the two ladies came up to my office while her friend waited in the lobby. I began the reading and then the reading made a quick unusual turn that I was not expecting at all. Immediately into her reading I saw behind her a father figure and a younger male at his side that I felt was her brother. During a life reading I never connect with the deceased because my clients are not there for that but more for direction in their life. Honestly I tried my best to ignore these two spirits behind the woman but they were not going to allow it. They were extremely persistent in making sure she knew they were present.

Then I has to tell her that her father and brother were with us in the room and wanted to pass a message to her. A few things came through and once again I tried to ignore them so I could focus on her life. Then her deceased brother thought he would get my attention by turning off my tape recorder. I told her he did it and would not stop being so persistent. I turned the recorder back on and off it went. I could not get this recorder to stay on. Every time I started the recorder and went into talking about her current life situations the tape would go off again. We both laughed and I decided I was going to get nowhere unless I talked to her brother for a few minutes. It was pretty funny and her brother had a great sense of humor. Funny thing is the tape recorded worked fine when I made the connection with her brother and father and worked fine for her friends reading also. This just proves even more that if spirit wants to get a message through they are going to do whatever they can to do so.

Today I had an event at the Natural Health Center Of Central NJ in North Brunswick New Jersey. The center was very quaint with lots of positive energy and the owners are very nice. It was a full house with so many connections. What was very unusual for me was to have three different spirits come through that were murdered. They were not at all connected to the same murder and were connected to three separate families in the audience. At first I got really confused thinking that it was just one murder beings that I never has something like this happen at an event in the past.

The details of each murder were precise all the way down to the exact number of times one victim was shot. There was also a very well needed connection for a couple that I pray it has brought them some comfort and healing. My connection was with a very young lady who was tragically killed in a motor vehicle accident. It had only taken me a moment to realize that it was the couples young daughter that was coming through.

A drunk driver blew a red light at the intersection hitting the young ladies vehicle and killing her, she was only about 17 or 18 years old. The messages coming through from her were so specific down to her wearing her favorite pink dress. I thought this connection would never end because the young lady was so determined to make sure her parent knew she was at peace. She mentioned that she wanted her parents not to blame the person who took her life that karma would come to them. The young lady mentioned that her parents have not changed or touched her room at all since her passing. She wanted them to give her cloths away to family, friends or the good will and change the room. She wanted assure her parents that she is o.k. and that they needed to move forward. Being a medium and empath the messages were so intense that I was about to cry. So I could not even imagine the pain they are going through over the loss of their daughter. My thoughts and prayers go out to them and everyone who attended today's event.

I'm very excited about tomorrows sold out event at Ashes To Ashes in Bordentown New Jersey. This is a fund-raiser that Bob put together to raise money for two special camps who cater to children who are infected or affected by HIV and AIDS. So far the event has raises more then $500.00 that will go to Camp Dreamcatcher and Camp Kindle. I will blog more about the event sometime over the next few days. Keep your eyes out if you get the Philadelphia Inquirer. I will be featured in the paper sometime next week. Until the next time take care of yourself and the ones you love.
Joseph Tittel

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wrgsucks said...


I can't thank you enough for connecting with our Dad yesterday and sharing your gift with all of us. The messages were so accurate. The pocket watch is still ticking now! How amazing was that? My brother so needed to hear from our Dad. I can not tell you how much it helped him. It is a long story but our Dad passed tragically 2 years ago and it especially effected my brother in many ways they were also best friends. He kept saying how he felt a weight lifted off of him after we left yesterday and that he really felt and knew he was talking to our Dad again, it was his personality coming through and sense of humor and all of the accurate messages. He told my brother just what he was asking so many times in his mind. Spirits do read minds as you say.
There are no words to describe the healing and peace you brought to him. I really think that this changed his life, now he knows our Dad is still around him. He is no longer a skeptic. I bought the tickets a couple of weeks ago for my brothers bithday and just kept asking our Dad to please say Happy Birthday to my brother and when he did I just lost it. Today was his birthday and he said it is the best birthday he has had in a long time, he heard from our Dad his best friend again.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart!

Many blessings and peace to you,