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Sunday, June 29, 2008

Today's Special Fund-Raiser For Camp Dreamcatcher & Camp Kindle

I had a hard time getting out of bed today beings I was still a bit drained from yesterdays event in North Brunswick. Now Bob and I had to head out again today for another sold out event, this time at Ashes To Ashes in Bordentown New Jersey. In the beginning of our day there was a bit of stress just trying to get things together, but at the same time we were both excited. Bob even ran out to get ribbon and pins so we could make red ribbons for everyone who attends. We love doing events at this location because of the positive atmosphere and the wonderful people that attend.

Bob and I were especially excited because this was going to be a special event to raise money and awareness for a special cause. Bob began his journey last year to support two camps for children who are effected and infected by HIV and AIDS. Last year we gathered about 500 beany babies and sent them to the camps. This year Bob thought of something different we could do for the kids.

The camps need money to purchase things for the kids for activities and simple things like snacks or maybe to take the kids to get ice cream. One idea was to send them cash but better yet how about gift cards to be used specifically for the kids to purchase these things. Then Bob came up with the thought of holding an event and donating part of the ticket sales to the cause along with a 50/50 raffle and other private donations.

That led us up to this afternoons event which raised about one thousand dollars for the two camps, Camp Dreamcatcher and Camp Kindle. We had several people send us some gift cards in the mail and we really appreciate that and so will the kids. Wendy who works at the radio station gave us a bunch of one dollar gift cards for Rita's Water Ice. We not only wanted to raise money and cards for the cause but also wanted to bring some facts about HIV and AIDS.

Bob gave a wonderful speech in the beginning of the event informing everyone about some of the facts about the disease. Facts such as every minute a child will die from the disease and all of us will know someone who s effected by the disease. HIV and AIDS does not discriminate. It simply just does not matter whether you are black, white, gay, or straight. AIDS is the leading cause of death among those ages 15 to 59 worldwide. People are so uneducated on HIV and AIDS and really need to learn more about it and how to protect yourself.

The messages that came through during this event were mind blowing even to myself who has been doing this work for fifteen years. I thought yesterdays messages were intense and actually worried a little bit that I may be a little drained for today's event. Like I always say "If spirit is determined to get a message through nothing is going to stand in their way." Beings that I'm really exhausted I really do not remember many of the details of today's connections and messages from the other side. One thing is for sure, I went to a lot of people today with messages from their deceased loved ones.

My first connection was with a deceased police officer who I saw standing in the back of the room directly behind the couple I was pulled to. This officer was so determined that he came to me during my meditation prior to the event. So of course he would be my first connection. The young lady in the audience who was connected to the deceased police officer
was sitting with her skeptic husband. We his deceased father was going to make sure his son left a believer knowing that his father is with him in spirit and very proud.

So many connections bringing many tears, laughter, validation and closure. I connected with a deceased son who was determined to tell his mother he is at peace and that it was not her fault and she could not prevent his passing. Then comes the real mind blowing connection with another deceased father who was going to make sure that not only his son and daughter in the audience would leave believers, the whole audience would leave believers.

It was not just his humor and very precise detailed messages, but more what he did to blow all of our minds.
The brother and sister were sitting in the front and I believe their connection was the last one of the day, but don't quote me on that one. The sister was very much a believer but I think her brother needed a little convincing. It drives me crazy sometimes that the skeptics usually get the best readings. Their deceased loved ones want to make sure they leave realizing that I was actually communicating with them.

So I said to the guy your father is taking about his watch and it just so happened that he wore the watch to the event.
Then his father mentioned another watch and here he had his fathers pocket watch in his pocket. Then I said to him your father told me that the watched worked earlier today but now he made the watch stop. Sure enough he opened up the watch and it had stopped. I spent a good bit of time bringing messages to the two of them from their father. Their father was quite the comedian bringing so much laughter to the room. Then before I was about to end the messages and move on to someone else in the audience the father figure had one more thing to say. The watch in his sons pocket that he made stop, well look again because now he claimed that he made it work again. The gentlemen pulled the watch back out of his pocket and sure enough the watch was working once again.

I'm pretty certain that this guy along with everyone else who attended today's event walked out fulfilled eve
n if I did not go directly to them with a message. I want to thank Bob for organizing such an excellent event along with Stacy and Joe for hosting the event at their shop. A special thanks to all those who attended for helping a great cause and all those who sent in donations. If you are interested in helping these children please visit the camps web sites and you can send you donations directly to them. Bob and I will also be taking a trip sometime this summer to Camp Dreamcatcher to meet the kids and staff. We are looking forward to that. Thank you for taking the time to read my blog.
Joseph Tittel



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Anonymous said...

Hello Joseph and Bob,
It was great to meet you at this Ashes To Ashes event! It was more great to receive a message close to the end when I thought others needed it more and I would think of a question to ask. Thank you for passing along the message from My Nana to myself who did need it more than my mom. You got my name Denise, the name I call my daughters "Sissy" when I talk to them about eachother, and all the messages were correct and I understood, even realizing the middle names you gave of my most recently passed Uncle and Aunt, as I thought of them them to come through too. You sealed a calming sense that I know they are with us. Thank you for your gift, thank you for the extra opportunity to give to children's charities I did not know about, as all children in this world are very special to me. Thank you, you gave me more messages than I hoped for and all that you would have never known about me. You gave me answers to questions that were deep inside me and very accurate and detailed. I am appreciative of you and my cute and little Nana as you put it, as she was beautiful and little, in fact as childre we refered to her as Little Nana. A big hug and heartfelt Thank you! Denise Maurer