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Friday, August 15, 2008

Longest Week Ever

I can not believe I actually have the energy to sit here a blog instead of going to bed. I must have just gotten my second wind. The past few weeks have been complete chaos, especially the past week. Getting moved into the new office has been more work then I could have imagined. Then so many other things have come up over the past week that it has just been one thing after another. As drained as I am at this point I still have no complaints, It has been a good week.

There were nights that we were in the new office until one o'clock in the morning. It was actually fun getting things together and putting as much positive energy into the place as we could. I spend a good bit of time setting up bamboo plants and placing them throughout the office and at home too. Bamboo is a great plant to have in the home or business to attract good luck and good energy.

We are still not completely finished but are set up enough to have clients. We are taking off for the weekend to recuperate and relax as much as possible. Monday we will be back in the office finishing things and catching up on so many things like setting more appointments and events. Bob will be working hard calling clients on the waiting list. Please have patience and sign up for our newsletter for updates as to where we are on the list and up-coming events.

During Tuesday's radio show we were joined by a reporter from the Buck's County Courier Times. JD, the reporter, wanted to sit in and observe and listen to the radio show so he could write and article for his column. After the radio show JD interviewed me to get a better understanding of my work as a medium. Many of the questions are some of the same question that every reporter seems to ask, such as, "When did you discover you had a gift?" He was a really nice guy and I love to share my gift with others. The article may appear in Sunday's paper or sometime next week.

The week was also packed with healing messages from the other side. I just started writing a few things down during sessions to help remind me of some of the messages that had come through. I would like to share some of the messages with my blog readers and find that I always forget many of the messages that come through from the other side. So the notes will assist me in blogging about my experiences with communicating with the deceased. I have a few notes from the past week and will share them with you in a future blog. A little too tired to go into that right now.

Today was the first day of filming for a future television show. I guess you could call it a pilot. The entire concept is very interesting and everything went really well today. It was a long day and the first time I ever just conked out. I came to a point where I was just hitting a wall and not getting any more information. That was really the first time that had ever happened to me. I thought maybe we could take a break and come back to the connection. Everyone decided to make it a wrap for the night and I think that was a great decision. If everything goes well with the project, as I believe it will, then there will be more to come afterwards.

Tomorrow I'm looking to maybe go away for just a few days for some relaxation. Even though I want to just stay home a relax, I know I will end up doing some type of work around the house. I can not sit around and see things around me that need to be done and not do them. That's why it would be better to just go away somewhere to assure myself that there will actually be some relaxation. Most likely I will find myself outside in the garden and then in the kitchen making home made tomato sauce and zucchini nut bread. Sounds yummy, I thing I'm going to go grab something to eat and head to bed. Thank you for taking the time to read my blog and remember to find some time for yourself. Relax and enjoy the moment.

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lindaleigh69 said...

I knew that your dream would soon become a reality and so it has. I'm very happy for you and wish you and Bob all the best and many many blessings as you begin yet another chapter on the path of fulfulling your destiny. I'm happy to hear that you are going to afford yourselves some much needed rest to recharge your energies and your bodies. You are on your way to accompish great things my friend, the sky's the limit and nothing will stop you. You deliver so much good to so many, and that is why I know that good is coming your way in abundance. Always remain just as you are now, kind hearted, fun loving, and happy go lucky...these qualities give you your unique charm and make it so easy to feel at ease. I have a strong feeling that in the near future you will be leaving us here in bucks county to take your "messages from the other side" around the globe. I would be lying if I said that joy is all I feel, of course part of me will miss you guys ; ( but I know that you have so much to accomplish and many many lives will recieve blessings that would otherwise never come to them. I feel very fortunate to be your friend and hope that you and Bob will stay in touch as you heal the world. Enjoy your weekend getaway and just take it easy and reharge your energies. When time affords it give me a call or drop me a line as I would like to visit you guys and feel the positive energy of your new office space. have a great weekend and blessings to both of you...

<3 U guys,

LiNdA ; )