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Thursday, August 21, 2008

Specific Messages From The Other Side - The Loss Of A Child - Part 1

As many of you know I usually have a hard time remembering things that come through during a reading. However, when spirit takes me to the scene of a crime or horrific accident, I have a hard time putting that out of my mind. Recently I decided it may be a good idea to write down some of the specifics that come through during a reading. That way I can blog about it and share the experiences and messages with you. So I sit here with a list of messages and now have to decide which ones to share with you. Therefore, this will end up being a two part blog post.

Today I had a very heartwarming conversation with a client who came by the office. He had been to me in the past for a reading with his lovely wife. He shared some of the personal experiences he has had with his son since he had passed tragically a few years ago. The gentlemen talks with a rather heavy accent and calls me Mr. Joseph. My conversation with him brings me to this blog post and the urge I have to share some of what we talked about and some of the experiences I have encountered over the past few weeks helping parents communicate with their deceased children.

First I want to share some of the messages that came through during a private home gallery before going back to the gentlemen today. A friend of mine, Jamie, organized a home gallery for a few friends of her friend Mike's mother. Wait, let me start from the beginning. Mike was tragically murdered earlier this year in Philadelphia. I did not know Mike personally and knew nothing about the murder until the day after it happened. I was pulled to call Jamie for some reason and as soon as we connected I told her to get a piece of paper and pen because I had some messages for her. This was odd for me and not very typical. She immediately knew that it was her friend Mike who was bringing through the messages and informed me that he was murdered.

I was able to provide complete details of the murder for Jamie, including who did it and that the killers would be caught. She delivers the messages to Mikes mother and she in turn passed them on to the Philadelphia police. That was basically the last I heard anything about Mike. This brings me to last week when Jamie organized this gallery mainly for Mikes mother and Mikes friends, something else I was not aware of.

When I arrived I was a little bit nervous because I knew she had a lot of expectations. I could not imagine the pain that Mikes mother could be enduring after the murder of her son. So it was important for me to have the strongest possible connection with Mike. I wanted to provide his mother enough details from Mike so that she would know this could only be coming from Him. There is always a little fear or worry within myself when I walk into any session. I want the strongest connections and sometimes that just is not the case.

So the evening went really well with connections from at least a dozen deceased loved ones, but no sign of Mike. He wanted to be a gentlemen and allow others to come through before him, which was the way he was when he was living. His connection was so strong and intense with details beyond belief. This shows me, the medium, that Mike wasn't going anywhere until his mother knew he was with us in the room and at peace on the other side.

The connection with Mike began with details of the murder all the way down to how many shots were fired and how many guys were responsible. He brought up the trial which is now in progress and some of the outcome. He wanted to give his mother faith, faith in herself, God and in heaven. He told her not to blame herself and to let go of what happened and know that karma will take its course and the murderers will get theirs. He was so determined to get through to his mother and even described crossing over and things that have been done in his honor.

He described his passing explaining that he was surrounded by white light and then he was greeted by Dutches and Murdock, his two favorite dogs. This goes to show that are pets are on the other side and that dogie heaven is not separate from our heaven. Then I was able to describe a place in the home where his mother kept his ashes right next to his dogs ashes. Then he mentioned that his family and friends wear a piece of him around their neck. They all had some of his ashes places in a mini urn that is worn on a chain.

We took a break and I went outside to get some privacy and try to enjoy a smoke. Mike was not about to give me a moment of peace. He actually sat with me and started showing me all different types of dragons, pewter dragons, and even a dragon that his mother chipped on the wing. I came in from break and described all of this to the group and this brought even more emotion to the group. Mike collected dragons, and yes, his mother did have one out the other day that she chipped. While explaining to the group about the dragons Mike interrupted me to bring up the tattoo of a dragon that someone got in his memory, which also was true.

When I receive such a strong connection with spirit it shows that there is such a strong need of healing and sometimes some skepticism. There were so many messages that came through from Mike that with out a doubt showed his mother that he at peace and looking over her, his family and his friends.
Again I could not possibly imagine the pain a parent would feel after the loss of a child.

This brings me back to the gentlemen that came I talked to this afternoon. His son took his own life and this has been tearing him and his wife up. When I first met him and his wife his son came through just as strong as Mike did. Complete details including his visit to his parents through a dream. The one difference with his connection is the emotion that I had felt. Being an empath I can at times feel other people pain. Our conversation today brought me to tears.

The last time him and his wife came to see me his son insisted that his father take his mother out to dinner. Feeling that this would help bring healing to their life and help bring them together I returned their money and insisted that he use it to take his wife out to dinner, which he did. Today he told me how hard it is for him and his wife because of the death of their son and my heart just melted. It brings me to tears writing this.

Then he talked about an experience he had recently with an actual visit from his son. Let me remind you that this gentlemen is extremely religious, reads the bible daily and goes to church faithfully. He said he thought he was seeing things when he looked up and saw his son standing there in front of him in the room. From his knees down it was like glitter all around him flickering. He was surrounded by a white light and was looking off into the distance. He said he would not look him in the eye for some odd reason.

The experience was amazing and he explained that it is in the bible about the lord and Jesus showing up in the same form. He asked me about the experience and it is obvious that this was his son letting his father know that he was with god and in heaven. This was not the only experience he had, there was another vision when he was in the front of the church praying. Then he thanked me over and over for our past sessions. He told me that he felt a connection with me that he had never experienced before. This is when I felt overwhelmed with emotion and very touched to share this special conversation with him today.

For anyone who has lost a child, please know that your child is at peace and in Gods hands. Even if you have not had an experience as strong as one of these it does not mean that your child is not OK. Some do not have the ability to communicate as well as others. Look for the little signs that are around us and know that our loved ones are watching over seeing the events in our life. Thank you for taking the time to read my blog. I hope that it has helped you in some way. Until the next time take care of yourself, the ones you love and someone who can not help themselves.
Joseph Tittel

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wow, that was very interesting. Especially about the fathers strong faith. Thanks Joseph.