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Wednesday, December 31, 2008

2009 Predictions Coming New Years Day

Once again I sit preparing a list of predictions for the 2009 year. Last year was my first time preparing an actual list. I go about doing this by going into a special room in our home that we call the Angel room. I use this room for prayer and meditation. I begin with some prayers and guide myself into a deep state of relaxation in order to open my sub-conscious mind and tap into an the alpha state. Through my meditation I enter a hallway with many doors, I always use the same meditation and enter the door that I need to in order to achieve my goal. The door I go into for my predictions in labeled 2009 world events. When I enter there is a big chair that I sit in with a hung screen on front. This is where I will begin to see visions along with hearing my guides talk to me about future events.

Last year I sat and wrote things down, but had to open my eyes to do so, which breaks my concentration. This year I used a small digital recorder and just said everything that I was seeing. Now it will take me all day to transfer that over into writing and organizing the predictions the best I can. I have to tell you that what I saw was quite disturbing and the list looks like it will be much longer then I ever imagined. So if you want to hear about my predictions, this is what you need to do.

New years day from 1pm to 3pm Eastern time tune into WBCB 1490AM in my local Philadelphia area as I bring you a special edition of my radio show Messages From The Other Side. You may also listen live on the net by going to If you have a problem listening on the net please consider using a different web browser. It does not seem to work with Mozilla, but works fine with Internet explorer. You can listen from anywhere in the world. I have not decided whether or not I will post these on the net due to the fact that a psychic copied and pasted my prediction to her web site last year and claimed they were hers. The funny thing is, she had the same type errors that I had and copied my entire blog post including my introduction as to how I go about this process. So I really hope you all tune in tomorrow live at 1pm. I will also be taking your calls and have special guest at 2pm, Alison Baughman from I wish you all a very happy, healthy and prosperous New Year.


goletasue said...

I would like you to consider publishing your 2009 predictions in this blog. I am well aware of what happened last year, and believe me, it reflects badly on her, not on you. I wouldn't want you to censor what you publish in anticipation that it will be misused. I am thinking of what you said in your last entry about karma and negative energy returning three times over to the one who has negative intent. If someone "takes" your work, she will be ignored as a person without character or merit. I read and commented on your predictions last year, as did many others, and I felt people were interested and respectful of your work. I expect that you do not reveal all that you see, and release it judiciously as you see fit. But I would hate to see you hide your gift when you have the possiblity of reaching so many people on the internet who could benefit from seeing your predictions. Very best wishes to you. I look forward to the radio show on New Year's Day.

Author said...

I also hope you would post your 2009 insights on your blog. It would be a comfort and joy to many people who are not able to hear the radio broadcast. If you're not comfortable then perhaps you could send out a special prediction newsletter or archive the radio show for everyone who is not able to hear the show live today. Wishing you and everyone you encounter a wonderful, safe, happy New Year!

CKaye said...

I second Sue's motion! Please put them in print - how can we track your predictions if all we have to rely on is our faulty memories or our lousy, hurried notes! Putting them up this late will also highlight who stole the predictions - maybe you should put them up on Jan. 2nd.

You had fascinating things to say. Another strange, violent year - bummer - but as you say, something had to shake us out of our torpor. Bless you, Joseph and Bob.

Mandelay said...

I agree completely with what goletasue has written and I also hope you publish your visions here. That said, I did try with all my might to listen to your broadcast via the Internet and the sound kept dropping out so I only heard bits and snips and I was very disappointed. I kept trying to reconnect for almost an hour and no success. So maybe, :-) I was not meant to hear everything you had to say today (and after awhile, I was laughing at myself and the technical roadblocks I was encountering). BTW, you have a very nice voice ... do you sing? You really sound good on the radio (the little I could hear!). Take care, happy, healthy New Year and thanks!

Liliana said...

Dear Joseph. Happy new year for you and yours.
I am also wriitng to ask you to please reconsider your decision not to post your 2009 predictions in your webpage. I am a loyal reader of your blog and was not able to listen to your radio show due to browser difficulties.
After all, the person who plagiarized your 2008 predictions could have listened to today's broadcast and copy them again on her site. Your not posting yours in your webpage actually can give her an edge-- she could say that she wrote them first!!

God Bless you now and forever,

Anonymous said...

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