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Thursday, December 11, 2008

Friday's Event & New Years Predictions

Friday evening more then one hundred people anxiously packed into the Holiday Inn all in hopes to receive a message from a deceased loved one. I know there is no way possible that I can get to everyone in the room, but my goal is for them to leave with something. Leaving with some type of validation and closure not only from the messages that come through for others, but I also focus on teaching others how our loved ones communicate with us so that they can recognize them signs on their own without seeking out a medium.

Throughout Friday afternoon I was receiving messages from spirit for people who would attend the event. I find myself often writing down these messages so that I may deliver them to audience members. Most of the messages are very specific and it is amazing to see the response on peoples faces when I read through the messages. I remember one very clearly. It was the simply message from a deceased father wishing his daughter a Happy Birthday. The young lady was in the front row and was immediately overwhelmed with emotion when I delivered that message to her from her father. It just so happened that her birthday was thew same day as the event.

Every time that I think I have had one of the best events ever, another one come along that tops the last event. This event at the Holiday Inn was simply amazing. The details of the messages and the validation and emotions from the audience members that I delivered the messages to. My first connection was with a deceased husband who was very persistent, and strongly determined, to give a message to his wife in the back row. She was a younger woman maybe in her thirties and lost her husband tragically in an auto-mobile accident.

I spoke to her after the event and she told me that she prayed all day for her husband to come through and asked him to specifically mention his nickname for her. I tell people all the time not to ask for specific signs from the deceased, just allow them to come. It is very unusual for someone to get exactly what they ask for as far as the messages are concerned. All I said was one word from her husband and she became overwhelmed and extremely loud. There was not a person in the room that could not hear her response and witnessed her instant closure. He asked me to mention "Giggles", and that was what he use to always call him wife. What an amazing event.

Oddly as it is, I ran into the woman a few days after the event at a Dunkin Doughnuts in Philadelphia. She basically screamed when I walked in the door. She had this amazing glow about herself that was not there when I first went to her at the event. She went on to thank me and explained how much the experience and messages from her husband has completely changed her life and her ways of thinking. It means so much to me, as the medium, to hear how much the messages really bring so much healing into peoples lives and literally can change their life forever.

There were so many connections at the Holiday Inn event. For some reason every event that we have done there has been so amazing. The connections are always so very strong, and that is the way I prefer it. I'm really looking forward to the next event at the Inn in March. Honestly, I look forward to all of my events. If you have attended the event this past Friday, please send us your feed back so that we can post it on my site. I want to thank everyone who brought a toy with them to the event and all of those who have brought a toy to our office for the Toys For Tots toy drive. We have a big box full of toys that will bring so many smiles to children's faces this holiday season.

We have confirmed with WBCB radio that I will once again be having a special New Years Day radio show. This show will run from 1 to 3 pm and will include all of my predictions for 2009. I have not yet began to work on the predictions yet and probably will not do so until the week before the show. I will also go over last years predictions which most have already come to pass. There is a possibility that I will also have a special guest on the show for at least 30 minutes. Don't forget, I will also be taking your calls, you questions and giving you an outlook on your up-coming year. As soon as we confirm a guest we will post it on my web site. Thank you for taking the time to read my blog. Until the next time, be well and take care of yourself and the ones you love.

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