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Monday, December 29, 2008

Lessons Learned, Upcoming 2009 Predictions & A Happy Hoiday Thank you

It has been some time since my last blog post. With so many things going on and the holiday shopping crunch, I have found that there was little time even for myself. Certainly I hope that you all have had a very good holiday so far. I want to thank you all for your support over the past year with everything that I have done, including this years past fundraisers, and yes, the Toys For Tots holiday toy drive. Bob and I were able to pack the car full of toys twice. We even found ourselves in line at KB toys at midnight Thanksgiving night to purchase toys for the Toys For Tots kids. I'm looking forward to organizing many more fundraisers in 2009.

I would also thank you all for reading my blogs and for listening to my weekly radio show. Just a quick reminder about my special New Years day radio show which will include my predictions for 2009 and special guest Numerologist Alison Baughman from Visible By Numbers. The show will run for two hours from 1pm until 3pm Eastern Time. I will still have my regular weekly radio show this Tuesday at 4pm and will be back again on Thursday for the special Predictions show. You will still have an opportunity to call in on New Years day to get a small outlook on your upcoming year. This year I will not put my predictions up on this blog. This past year a few psychics copied and pasted my predictions to their site, even with the same spelling errors. To hear all the predictions you have to tune in on New Years Day. I will put some of the predictions on my web site sometime in early January and in my monthly newsletter.

Besides running around and getting some last minute shopping done, I also had to prepare to host Christmas Eve at our home for family. Then comes all the cookie baking, and yes, the wrapping. I was a little disappointed with my family, as usual, this Christmas. Only Bobs family showed up on Christmas eve, which is fine, because they are very much a family to me. We received the horrible news that my niece, Rhiannon, who has been fighting cancer for two years, has been moved to the status of terminal. You could only imagine how much this really ruined the holiday's for my family and I.
This is why it was important for me that we all get together for the holiday, but it didn't happen for me and my family. It is a very long story, but for some reason my sister has unknown issues with me and it seems that she enjoys hurting my feelings.

My father was stuck in Allentown watching my sisters dog, my niece was in the hospital and god only knows where my brother was. Bob and I went to see my niece Rhiannon at the Children's hospital in Philadelphia on Christmas before having dinner at Bob's sisters. Santa was good to me, he even brought me a wonderful cold that kept me on the couch all the way up to today. I did have a sold out show in
Doylestown on Saturday and was worried because I felt so horrible. I made it through and the messages were very intense and specific. It left me feeling ever worst by the time we got home. I never got to see my father or brother for the holiday's. Even though my brother home in PA is only 10 minutes away from me, they were in too much of a hurry to go back to Florida.

My brother and father headed to Florida where they will meet up with my sister, her husband and Rhiannon next week to be a part of Rhiannon's Make A Wish trip given to her by the Make A Wish Foundation. It really ripped my heart out when I found this out and I was not asked to be a part of that very special day for my one and only niece. I would love nothing more then to have the opportunity to be there with Rhiannon as she swims with the dolphins and fulfills her wish. This just adds to all the hurtful things my sister always seems to add to my life. Last Christmas she invited my everyone to her home for Christmas dinner and never sent me an invite. That hurt. Then came her wedding this past summer that both my Brother and Father were in and you guessed it, I was left out of it all, including the pictures. I can not figure out what I have done to deserve such a thing, I can only guess that she may be a bit jealous of me for some crazy reason.

It all began about 15 years ago. Wow, time flies.
Many years ago my sister and I were so close that you could not separate us. We even opened up my first business together 20 years ago. We were business partners and I worked really hard making that a successful business. My goal was to make the business a huge company and eventually franchise it out. Then one day I came to open my shop and found that I was locked out and all the accounts were changes and my credit cards canceled. For some reason my sister went a little crazy. My parents did not talk to my sister for many years after she did that to me out of the blue for no reason at all. This was the end of our relationship and since my mother passed away 9 years ago I have been trying to rebuild my relationship with my sister with no success.

There are many reasons why I want to share this story with you all. I believe everything happens for a reason and we should learn and grow from all experiences. One reason I'm sharing this is to let you know that some people are just negative people and some people feel a need to hurt others in any way they can, especially family. A good part of the time these people may not even realize they are hurting others and being negative. They also do not realize that negative energy will come back in three fold. So, if you have a similar situation, you are not the only one. Sometimes family can hurt you the most. Always wish them well, send them positive energy and even
include them in your prayers. Even though I have been hurt so badly and knocked down, I just get up again and each time get stronger and become a better person. We have to get it right in this life or we are just going to have to come back and fix it in our next life. Hopefully the story of my experience will help you to do the same.

I hear stories all the time from clients and messages that come through from the deceased about the family being torn apart because of the will and peoples selfishness. My Aunt Peggy did that to my father and Uncle. Her greed and selfishness caused her to brainwash my grandmother into signing everything over to her. In my opinion, whether you get along with your siblings or not, everything should be split equally. Your parents worked all their lives to have the things they have, and they did it all for their children. There is no reason that one sibling should get more then another. And nobody has the right to go into the home of the deceased and take things without discussing it with everyone else. That is just wrong and I hear it too much in readings. I wonder what is wrong with some people, don't they know anything about karma. People do horrible things to others and then years later you see them going through a really bad time with bad things happening all around them, and they wonder why. That is why I love the saying "we reap what we sew" or "What comes around, goes around.". So true.

Another thing we all need to know is that our deceased loved ones are very aware of everything that is going on in our lives. With the holiday's here some of us may be feeling alone, remember, you are never alone. With the New Year upon us we should all remember to put good out into the universe. Everything we put out returns to us three times over, both good and bad. So there is no reason to put out negative and to treat others the way we want to be treated. These small simple reminders can bring a much happier and healthier New Year to us all. It always helps bring fulfillment when we reach out to help others. Even if you are going through a struggle of any kind you should keep in mind that it could always get worst and there are others in this world that have it a lot worst then you do. Keeping that in mind should give you a little boost in getting through that struggle. Keep your head straight, never look down on yourself or others, and never keep your nose up so high that you forget those that are most important in our lives.

I hope you all have a very happy New Year full of peace, happiness and good health. 2009 is a year for change and change is never easy. No matter what, we are all in it together and must help each other through it. I will talk more about the change on the special New Years Day radio show. I hope you all tune in. I also hope that I was able to inspire you and maybe even teach you something in today's blog. Thank you for taking the time to read my blog and thank you for allowing me to share a part of my life with you.

Joseph Tittel

"We have to get it right in this life or we are just going to have to come back and fix it in our next life."


Kathy Zengolewicz said...

Joseph, I wish you all of the peace and happiness in the universe. You have a gentleness about you that seems to soothe. Please don't change. Keep God's love in your heart.

Happy New Year. I think this is a big year for change. I feel some not so good, but more good things coming our way.

Kathy Z

Chris Wallace said...

I agree w/ Kathy. Be as you are. During your event in Doylestown Saturday, you told friends of mine that their loved one became an angel w/ beautiful eyes almost immediately after his death. How does one become an angel? Please respond at your blog or my email, if you don't mind. I am so glad they got all the messages Saturday. I was the one who told them how wonderful you were w/ me and my family. Thanks, Joseph

CKaye said...

Oh Joseph, thank you for sharing. We have the same kind of drama in our family. Pain pain pain - I deal with it better now than I used to but it still hurts like hell. Thank you for the advice, and know that there is a person in MI who sends you mental hugs and who wraps her protective arms around you. Thank God you have Bob and his family is so decent. Joseph, Spirit envelops you in love, and you will triumph.

You are a decent, caring, precious human being. God and Goddess bless you a thousand times over. Love,
christina in Chicago

terry said...

Hello, I am invited to a fundraiser that you will be attending, so I thought I would check out your site. This blog really caught my attention.
Yes, we are often hurt most by people we love. It is often hard to realize that they are humans beings first, brothers, sisters, mothers, mothers, aunts, uncles, etc. second…. People can be selfish & controlling. That is the price we pay for the precious gift of Free Will. Try to remember that the root of this is always caused by fear: fear of worthlessness, not being good enough, fear of being a bad person, fear of being rejected, fear of not being loved. Most of us try to hide our fear behind a very thick wall of jealousy, envy, hate. The best way to crumble those walls is just to continue to love, and to tell that person that you love him/her you love them no matter what!
About “what goes around comes around”: I think you are right, Joseph. The Universe is very neutral about what it sends to each of us. There are no decisions to be made – I get what I give. The Universe does not weigh, ponder, or judge. I do this for myself.
I just need to remember that each person is singularly responsible for what the Universe sends back to them for their actions. No one else may be the judge.
But I really want to thank you for the simple, yet, complexly layered advice: “Keep your head straight, never look down on yourself or others….”
I think I’ll keep these words with me for the coming year, a sort of mantra, if you will. How hard is it to keep my head straight? If you knew me, you’d think it near impossible. But, I will work on it. Look down on others? Not my usual style. Look down on myself? That is a different story. So I am especially grateful for your insight in offering this teaching.
What a good man you are!!!
Thank you very much,
Terry H

Unknown said...

I attended the Caroline's Hope fundraiser last Sunday. Thanks (in no small part to your participation), they raised well over the target amount. How fascinating it was to see & hear you in person. You are, indeed, a good man! I see that it takes much courage & strength to share your gift with us. I noticed how exhausted you were at the end of the session. Good thing you have such an attentive partner to keep an eye on you. I look forward to seeing/hearing you speak again. Thank you for sharing your insights.
Incidentally, I currently work at Children's Hospital. Talk about Angels on Earth - the nurses at CHOP are THE definition of Angels who walk this Earth. I know that you know there is no way to prevent our loved ones from leaving us to continue on their path. While here, though, your Rhiannon could not have received better care than that found at CHOP, except, of course, the love & care given by her family.

Please take care of yourself, and
may you always have peace in your heart.