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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

2010 Psychic Predictions & Updates

2010 Psychic World Predictions & Celebrity Predictions

From Celebrity Psychic Medium & Author Joseph Tittel

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Last Update July 23, 2010

Hello Everyone. have been meaning to get my predictions up on this blog along with giving the blog somewhat of a fresh new look. Below you will; find the predictions as they were listed in my newsletter. Please note that I read these live on the radio and had even added to some of them. That is why I would recommend listening to the predictions via my
radio show or YouTube. I will be adding more to these predictions and update them as often as possible. Already many have come to pass. I appreciate your feedback and links to article of events. Thank you for that and for taking the time to read my blog.
With Love, Light & Desire To Inspire

Remember when reading through my predictions that I see many of them in the form of simple news headlines. Sometimes I can feel more information about that headline, where in other cases I get nothing more then just the headline. 2010 will be a much brighter year for many then 2009 has brought. 2010 is a year of new beginnings as 2009 was a year of death and bringing things to an end like relationships and careers. There will be much opportunity for growth in 2010. It will also be a big year on health focus. Just about everyone will go through some type of issue health related to help bring more awareness to ones health and spirituality. More people will be pulled to religion and spirituality.


* It will also be a very bad year for weather patterns. We will see more destructive storms, earthquakes & volcano eruptions. 2010 will be the year of the Earthquake with quakes rattling area’s that have never experienced a quake before.
* Three major ones within the US possible one north in the Vermont, Connecticut and Maine area along with the borders of Canada. One within the U.S. & Canada could also reach up to 5.5 in magnitude.
Update- A 7.1 earthquake hit southern California and Mexico on April 4, 2010. This hit major headline in the news.

On Wednesday June 23rd, 2010 a significant earthquake occurred near the Western Quebec Seismic Zone . It was felt in central Canada and into northeast USA. Link HERE.

* One major quake will be at least 6.0 to 8.0 and that particular one may occur near the coast of Venezuela and Brazil. One island will be completely leveled after experiencing the worst quake ever.
Update- On January 12, 2010, not far off the coast of Venezuela, the island of Haiti was hit by a 7.0 earthquake, one of the worst in its history. More then 200,000 people were killed when the quake leveled the island. more on this here-

* Two will be at a very high altitude and a 7.0. Mountains crumble from quakes and mud slides. One earth quake may take place in Antarctic causing major issues with the ice breaking apart and also effecting several scientist who are in the area the time the quake hits killing one of them.
* Mexico, India & China are also in danger for major quakes and storms. I believe the one will be so destructive that it could go down in the record books because of the magnitude along with the death toll.
* Another major quake will be reported off the coast deep in the ocean. This will be a big one and will in turn cause issues for several different coastal areas. This may most likely be linked to the tsunami that I kept seeing.
Update- On February 27 an earthquake 8.8, one of the largest ever recorded, hit off the coast of Chile. The earthquake also triggered a tsunami that headed for Hawaii and a tidal wave that hit part of the coast of Chile. More then 1.5 million people were displaced and hundreds killed. This would certainly be pretty precise in my predictions. More on this here-

* Cold will hit just about every area of the globe like never before. This may have some wondering about the whole global warming theory. Below normal temperatures throughout the world and in places that are not use to the cold. Unfortunately this will cause the rise in prices of fruits, vegetables and orange juice. The cold will hang in longer then normal bringing a late spring. Really no spring at all. It is going to go from cold to hot in a short time all over, especially in the U.S. and Canada.
Update- The winter effected many area's of the globe bringing with it record breaking cold temperatures along with more snow in places then ever before. The East Coast of the United States was wiped out by storm after storm bringing with it tons of snow. The price of Orange juice did skyrocket when Florida was hit by cold and ice having a major effect on the Orange farmers. Here is one link to the record breaking cold weather- And here is a link to the orange crop destruction from the cold -

* Snow is going to be a huge problem for most of the planet too. Snow once again breaking records in places that have not experienced snow in decades. This includes China, Japan, Korea, Russia, U.S. and Canada. One major blizzard will go into the record books as thousands of people are stranded in their homes because the snow is so deep & several will die due to the frigid temperatures and the inability to get to a hospital. One woman will give birth from her home. Rivers turn to ice while one big story of the year will be of a group of kids playing on the ice
* Water & floods will be no surprise in the new year. Possibly two major tsunamis in 2010 and one being as major as the past one a few years back. One may be a repeat to the same area. Tropical storms will destroy several islands including evacuations in Jamaica and Hawaii. Hurricane will be a big problem for many including Aruba and the Bahamas. Florida will have a large path of destruction come late summer and a total of up to four or more states will declare a major state of emergency in 2010. Obama may receive slack on the governments failure to respond in a timely manor like what happened during hurricane Katrina.
Update- Following the quake that hit Chile a huge tsunami formed and headed toward Hawaii. Hawaii and several other islands were evacuated and moved to higher land. Fortunately the wave never hit. The U.S. and other countries are dealing with major flooding and mudslides throughout the past month of March and into this month, April.

* Summer of 2010 is going to be a hot one for most. I was seeing droughts like never before. In some area’s and counties the lakes and rivers begin to dry up and fish die. I saw people lining up just to get water. Although the line for water could also be related to one of the major disasters. The heat will cause problems with farmers and even the loss of cattle and other animals. The heat will effect the entire globe.
Update- As of July 22 2010 the summer throughout the United States, Canada & other places on the globe have endured severe record breaking temperature. The east coast has been experiencing a record breaking heatwave with currently 29 days of over 90 degree temperatures. The heat is beginning to effect farmers in many area's and droughts seem to be surfacing in many area's also.

Another major shooting at a school, possibly in Indiana. The number 23 is some how connected to the number injured or killed or maybe a date.
Update- On February 12, 2010 three people were killed and others injured during a school shooting at the University Of Alabama's Huntsville Campus. Someone had written me saying that the number 23 is connected to this but I do not see how and do not have the message. So I can not be clear on whether or not this is it. The story is HERE

There will also be a shooting at a mall or other large shopping center, possible even in a post office in the U.S. This will also occur in Europe. July could be significant.

More random shootings and robberies in area’s such as LA, New York, New Orleans, Florida, Philadelphia & sky rocketing crime rate increase of 30 to 50%.

An assassination attempt gone wrong again president Obama. Possible that an innocent person may be hit mistakenly.

United States launches two major missile attacks. One against Afghanistan and Iran. Russia will once again become a big problem for the U.S along with more issues caused by North Korea and Japan.

Iran will cause major fury upon surrounding areas and will organize terror groups against the U.S. Bin Laden is currently being hidden in Iran by the leaders of Iran. The US is not even close in their planning as to where Bin Laden is hiding. He is always one step ahead. He will eventually be caught, most likely dead.

Jerusalem will run into some major issues with war in 2010. More car bombings then ever and a declaration of war.

Two to three new wars will kick off in the middles east. In one vision I just kept seeing missiles being launched back and forth between two countries. It reminded me of the desert storm war. One of these attacks may happen on Christmas Day. Christmas day 2010 seems to stand out a lot to me. Another may be as soon as March.

I see one very large rocket of some sort being launched from a foreign country. I cannot be clear as to what type of rocket this is, but I expect it to be a large bomb and pointing toward a middle eastern country. I do not know if this is some test from Iran, North Korea or what. Again I feel Iran will become a big problem. Maybe this could be a historic rocket launch for one country.

One very large city will be completely destroyed by a sneak bomb attack in or around July and again in December.

Scandal will arise around President Obama in March or September. This will pass very quickly when another major world event will take the attention off the scandal.

The economy will look as if its making a good come back until a large drop or crash in the stock market, maybe in May & August, leaves Americans unhappy & not spending money again.

American’s will get very upset & protest the white house many times in 2010. Also protesters crash an event where the president or vice president is speaking. Many are arrested.

Gas prices sore once again with the cost rising to more then six dollars a gallon out west. Part of the blame will be on some type of equipment failure which in turn limit’s the production of oil.
Update- If you listen to Joseph's live radio show from New Years Day where he read his predictions live on the air he said "A large piece of oil equipment would fail in turn causing a major catastrophe. " We all know by now of the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico. This is a major catastrophe which was initially casued due to the failure of a large piece of equipment.

Three more major bail out requests in 2010 will leave American’s furious. Companies fail to make pay backs. Government takes over one major corporation. More problems arise with the automobile makers wanting more money & failing to make pay backs. GM could be one of the makers running into more problems. Possible that one huge dealer & maker may close their doors by early 2011. The banks will be running into big problems in 2010. Something ends up in the supreme court with the banks scandal of ripping off American’s. Banks ordered to repay millions to consumers and lower interest rates. Banks become part of the bail out request and once again people line up at banks looking for their money.

16. FBI makes arrests of dozens of major company executives for conspiracy, embezzlement, tax invasion and much more. One arrest will be a big surprise to all. The IRS will pressure many of the wealthy and famous in 2010 and part of this conspiracy may include tax invasion.

I kept seeing headlines that read “President Shot”. I do not know what president this headline would refer to. I got the feeling that the shot was not fatal.

Another headline that I saw in meditation was “Queen Dies” & “Queen Found Dead”. I do not know if this refers to queen Elizabeth or a queen of another country. I don’t think it is Queen Latifa.
Update- On February 11 the famous designer Alexander Mcqueen died. He was often called the queen of fashion. This may or may not be related to the prediction. We will just have to wait and see. Read more about this HERE

The Housing market will have its ups and its downs throughout the year. Unfortunately more downs then ups once the banks run into their problems. So many empty homes will sit due to the banks failure to provide mortgages to people with A+ credit. If you have the cash, then it is a great year for buying real-estate, fixing it up and sitting on it for a while. You will be able to get steals on homes at auctions from foreclosures.

Protests and the fight for the freedom of gay marriages will become one of the biggest topics of the year. Some states will experience chaos after making the wrong choice while up to five state or more will finally open their doors to gay marriage. Seriously already, give me a break folks. This is suppose to be a free country. How free is it when two people in love can not get married because of their sex. it’s a bunch of Bull shit if you ask me. This is far from a free country. But we are getting there slowly. Soon all states will allow gay marriage. The bible thumpers need to keep their beliefs to themselves & practice what they preach as it states in the bible “Thou shall not judge others”.

Medical Marijuana becomes a big debate once again. In places where they have opened up pot pharmacies, such as parts of California, will experience large raids by feds. They will try to make an example of these shops with no success. Soon several more states make medical marijuana legal and within the next three years it will be legal all over.
Update- As of July 12, 2010 8 states including Washington DC have pending Legislation or ballot measures to legalize medical marijuana. More on that HERE.
Update- January 10, 2010
The New Jersey Legislature approved a measure on Monday that would make the state the 14th in the nation, but one of the few on the East Coast, to legalize the use of marijuana to help patients with chronic illnesses.More on that HERE.
On July 5, 2010 police raided a medical marijuana facility in Los Angeles California said to be an example that LA Police will not tolerate pot shops. More HERE. Update- February 16, 2010 Colorado Dea agents raided pot shops in hopes of taking them down one at a time. This is becoming a huge debate and a big fight. More HERE.

2010 will be a huge year for breakthrough medical discoveries. There will be several major advances in the cure or vaccines for several cancers including breast cancer. Something big comes out about the heart, preventing heart attacks and heart transplants. The announcement that scientist(possibly in Switzerland) have discovered the possible vaccine for HIV/AIDS. Within about five years or less the vaccine will be made available in several foreign countries while the US & Canada seems to keep delaying the vaccines availability in their countries.

2010 is not a good year when it comes to planes. I saw one plane crashing into a Bridge. Possibly in March*** and Possibly on the tenth.
Another vision was of two separate planes exploding in mid-air.
One outside of NYC above the ocean. One is claimed by the government that it was just an accident with plane failure when it is actually terrorist related. Possible killed 205 or 255, unless that is related to the flight number.
One airline crashes on the runway and bursts into flames. One could be in France/air France.**
Two plains collide hitting wings near airport.*
Oklahoma kept coming up. (Not necessarily related to a plane crash)
A plane crashes straight down nose first during an are show, maybe in Chicago. ***
Possible that the plane crash lands in water and several may be rescued.
A helicopter accident kills 4 or 6, possibly during the filming of a movie, killing a well known actor.
On February 7, 2010 it was reported that two planes collided in mid air near the Colorado airport. Three people were killed. more on this HERE.
**Update- On May 22 r
escue teams worked into the night at the smoldering scene of an Air India plane crash that killed 158 people Saturday after the jet overshot a runway in southern India, crashed into a ravine and burst into flames, officials said. More on that HERE.
***Update- On March 3, 2010 during the Hyderabad air show in India a plane nosedived straight down into a three story building. More on this HERE.

24. The stock market will seem to flow well in the beginning of the year. There will be two major downfalls in the market with a possible black out or crash. July is significant. Possibly the seventh and nineteenth. Market will pick up again in fall. The construction market will pick up in fall for two major companies. They will receive large contracts for rebuilding, most likely after a major catastrophe in the summer or early fall. Like I have said in the past, invest in Gold, Platinum and gems like diamonds, Ruby and Emeralds.

A major strike hits head lines in reference to either steelworkers, welders, iron workers or construction workers lasting two weeks.

I see several major protests & a riot situation all happening outside the white house. Police will have to disperse one rowdy and disruptive crowd.

Even with the economical depression it will be somewhat a brighter year this year then last. Unemployment will drop once again to an all time low. This may occur in February. More major layoffs are on the way while a pick up in opportunities in the later part of the year help bring jobs to millions.

McDonald's will announce a large closing of many of their stores in one area, possible removing their menu from an entire country due to lack of sales and interest.
Update- McDonald's announced in February that they would close 175 of their restaurants and pull out of three middle eastern countries completely. more on this HERE
On February 9, 2010 McDonald's also announced it would close 430 outlets in Japan. More on this one HERE

I kept receiving the name Daniel Alexander. I felt a bad vibe with that name and have no idea who it is.
Chile's Juan Fernandez islands, about 400 miles off the coast, were the first to feel the full force of the tsunami from the Earthquakes that hit Chile, "serious damage" was reported. The chain includes Robinson Cruesoe Island, named after DANIEL Defoe's protagonist, and another named after ALEXANDER Selkirk, the Scottish sailor on whose real life experiences the novel is said to be based". Just a little creepy if you ask me. More on this HERE

Disney World or Disney Land will have more accidents then ever. One will involve either fire or a major injury from fireworks. Another will be from a child being ran over by the train rail or bus in the parking lot. One looks very serious and a big headline story.
Update- On April 1, 2010 it was reported that a ten year old boy was killed when he was hit by a bus in the Disney World parking lot. This was a big headline story and the link is HERE

One death will be reported at a six flags when a person is decapitated from a roller coaster, maybe in Texas, 2010 will be a very popular year for deaths related to accidents at amusement parks. One person is electrocuted in the rain at another popular tourist park like six flags. Something also came up about a drowning or a child at another park.
Update- 2010 as of July has proven to be a bad year for amusement park ride accidents. Several people were killed throughout the U.S. and throughout the world due to amusement park rides. HERE is a link listing many of the amusement park ride accidents in 2010. There have been at least two dozen different major amusement park accidents just in this summer alone killing more then a dozen people.

Ireland will also face a bit of an economical downfall. It seems that they could face one of the most major issue or even attacks that they have ever encountered.

I see people lining up for food in freezing cold weather. Maybe below zero temps. It looked to me that this was in another country and reminded me of Russia from back in the 80’s.

I saw a bridge demolished and just collapse to pieces. I could not tell if it was from an explosion or not. I could not get whether this was an accidental collapse, terrorist or war related or maybe a historic bridge being demolished and making headlines.

A UFO sighting in the Washington DC area hit headlines. Government quickly covers it up.

I kept seeing the headline Died and Dies and the young age of 52. I can not see the first line of the sentence. I’m thinking this has to be a famous actor, actress or musician.
Update- On April 2, 2010 Swedish champion boxer Anders Eklund died at the age of 52. This was a huge story overseas and hit in the US headlines also. I'm not sure if this would be the exact prediction I was seeing even though some of the media dead headline this with "Dies at the young age of 52". More on this story HERE

I kept seeing a young lady lying on the floor in a bathroom as if she was unconscious or even dead. Again this would be a young celebrity and could be Lindsey.

Oklahoma kept coming to me over and over. I would relate this to a weather related issue, possible an earthquake.

60 to 75 thousand soldiers will be deployed suddenly, possibly around Christmas. This will bring on protest and controversy.

A plane is high jacked by two men and one woman. Looks like the plane may run out of gas and make a crash landing or even explode.

A big problem hit one area with an infestation or some type of flying insect. All I could see is clouds of bugs everywhere.

Iceland will also make headlines several time including problems with the melting of the ice caps along with problems with mudslides in unusual places.

A murder in a star buck’s coffee shop. Man walks in and shots.

Taj Mahal in the news. Tragedy hits. Not sure if this is in Atlantic City New Jersey or India.

Hugh Hefner suffers heart attack, possibly fatal and possibly in January.

Fire in the Mansion.
Update- On June 25, 2010 the very famous historic Clark Mansion in Clarkdale Arizona burned to the ground. Not sure if this is the exact prediction vision I was seeing. Only time will tell. More on this HERE.

Tour bus crashes. Possibly in Ohio. I believe this will be from a famous musician possibly related to country music. One to six may perish.
Update- On March 16, 2010 a tour bus belonging to the famous country singer Trace Atkins. Two people were killed in the accident that happened in Texas. Article is HERE

A bombing of a foreign U.S. Embassy as soon as May kills many.
Update- On April 5, 2010 the Washington post, along with other media outlets, reported that Islamist militants bombed the U.S. Embassy in Pakistan, killing three people, hours after 41 people died in a suicide attack on a political rally in near by region. More on this story is available HERE

A large headlining story about an avalanche that rips down possible an entire resort. Many will be trapped and saved while many others perish. This may occur in Colorado or north America.

“153,000 expected dead.” “Over 153,000 & counting from disaster.” The two prior phrases are what I saw in the form of headlines. I would relate this to a major disaster such as an Earthquake or other weather related disaster.
Update- When the earthquake hit in Haiti there was one point when the media was saying more then 150,000 people killed. Not sure if this is it.

Hawaii kept coming to me over and over. This makes me think that the state will endure many major issues. One with their local state government. The other issues are going to be weather related and leaving many vacationers stranded. Lots of floods, possible small volcanic eruption and a big hurricane hit along with one wave that is just amazing in size.

I keep seeing a big wave wash over a small island. I would thing this would have to be a tsunami or tidal wave. Not sure where this is going to happen but it may happen in September.
Update- In reference to my above predictions with the earthquakes that hit Chile and my prediction about Daniel Alexander. The two small islands, Daniel & Alexander, were practically completely washed over by the tsunami that hit. This would most likely be this prediction but will have to wait to see.

The summer droughts and weather will also cause problems for farmers and several crops are wiped out by some type of rare or new disease. There may be a problem with several bean plants, including coffee and Brussels Sprouts.

I see missiles being launched from what looked like American ships off the coast of some country. It looks like five or more ships including a ship from another country backing up the U.S. I just see so many of these missiles bring shot off these ships. Does not look very good that is for sure.

A very large and important ship completely disappears into the ocean. This could be either a military ship or even a cruise line ship. This ship will be sucked into the ocean and found later beneath the sea. There will be another big story involving a boat or yacht that disappears prior to a big storm. I believe the reason this hits headlines is due to who is actually on this boat. Possibly a celebrity or other important political figure.

Founder & writer of popular television soap opera dies in her 80’s or early 90’s.
Update- On January 25 it was reported that the famous actor from All My Children had passed away. Beings I do not think he was a writer or creator of the show I would not think this is it. But many people wrote me thinking it is so I included here with the story link HERE.

New York city experiences one of the biggest fires in their history. This may include an entire city block. Many injured and several perish, including two firefighters.
Update- On April 11, 2010 more then 250 fire fighters battled a fire in the China Town section of the cite. More on this HERE.

NASA runs into some big problems in 2010 along with Russia’s space missions. I see a major problem with one launch and lots of fire. It is possible one shuttle will not make it much further then the clouds. Another issue when NASA reports something major becomes stuck. Maybe an important piece of equipment or even astronauts.
Update- On April 11, 2010 it was reported by NASA that during a second spacewalk attempt astronauts spent two hours trying to get a stuck bolt loose in order to fix a malfunctioning piece of equipment. This would definitely be the last part of the above prediction coming true. More on this NASA issue HERE.

One of the largest train wrecks in history. This may happen in both the U.S. and in Germany.
On July 19, 2010 India experienced one of its largest train accidents in history when two trains collided killing 61 people. More on this HERE.

60. Terrorist group found hiding in Beirut. Beirut also faces issues with car bomber and other terror attacks.

UFO crashes to Earth. As much as the government tries to cover it up there are too many witnesses and fuzzy video to prove it true. More UFO sightings throughout the US and also reported by our own troops in Iraq and Afghanistan. Another big sighting above three major cities, Philadelphia, Los Angeles and New York.

Bomb kills 250. That was all I saw with this headline. I did not get anything else with that.

Famous and well liked actor comes out of the closet. He may be forced out by the media.
Update- March 29, 2010 Ricky Martin made head lines by announcing that he is a very fortunate homosexual male. It is said that the paparazzi actually had pictures proving Ricky was gay which in turn forced him out of the closet. The media has been trying hard for many years to force Ricky out of the closet. Even Barbara Walters asked him the bug question several years ago during an interview. Ricky certainly was forced out of the closet. More on this headline HERE

A major explosion in space hitting headlines world wide. Could be a space shuttle, space station or satellite.

Plane clips top of large building. This could be in New York & also could be that new building that was reveled overseas as the tallest building in the world.


Brad & Angelina-
In 2010 Angelina will give birth to a new baby, baby girl. It is possible there may be twins. If not twins, then there will be an adoption that will come by years end. I said that in 2009 predictions that I saw Angelina becoming pregnant. It was just announced in December 2009 People Magazine that Angelina is in deed pregnant.

Lindsey Lohan-
Lindsey is in for quite the year. Lindsey is going to go through the Brittany downfall. All over the media, back in rehab and even a small car accident. It is likely she may be hauled back into the police station once again and even pulled over and given a ticket. I also lead her into a good wake up call and major change. If she does not get the wake up calls she will end up dead. Some of what she has done will end up on a SNL skit. This may occur in July.
Update- It sure has been a roller coaster ride for Lindsey in 2010. She has already spent time in rehab and is now spending time in jail. July of course is the month that she was sentenced to jail and the month she began serving her time. I'm sure SNL will tease her a bit. It is also possible that Lindsey may host the popular SNL show making fun of herself. We will have to wait and see on this. I believe doing time in jail will help her, but only for a short time before she goes back to her troubled life. If she stays strong and gets through she will make a big comeback.

One of my favorites, love Cher. I see her walking on crutches. Looks like Cher needs to be careful, especially on stage. I believe she will be spraining her ankle during a show in or around August.

Bill Crosby-
For some reason he kept coming to my mind over and over. Something big is going on with Bill in 2010. I would believe this would be something related to his health, possible cancer.

Lady Ga Ga-
I’m loving Lady Ga Ga. She is like the Madonna of the millennium. The dear lady must be very careful while on stage. I can see her taking quite a fall and ending up in an ambulance and on her way to the hospital. .

Jodie Foster-
Jodie will be in the head lines due to most likely a health situation. The end result will work out positive for Jodie. Could be something with her chest area including breast cancer.

Steven Tyler-
I’m also a big fan of Steven Tyler & Aerosmith. This will be related to his health and a possible overdose and or a relapse after rehab. The band gets a little shaky and things work out.

Celebrity Deaths -
2010 will be a big year for celebrity death including Elizabeth Taylor. Yes I did say that in my predictions last year. Her heath is deteriorating quickly & will be found dead in her bed. This will be shortly after she is rushed to the hospital.
Unfortunately we are going to lose a larger amount of younger celebrity actors, actresses & musicians. One from cancer at such a young age. One will be from an accidental overdose and another from an intentional overdose. One may be found in the bath tub.
Update- On March 10, 2010 Corey Haim die from an overdose. Corey Haim was a famous actor who made it big when he was just a kid. After many years of battling addiction with drugs Corey's life was ended short after an overdose. Weather this was an accident or even intentional has never actually been confirmed. This would be one of several young celebrity deaths related to drugs that I saw in my meditation. Unfortunately I feel that there are at least two, possibly three, more to come in 2010. One could be actress Lindsey Lohan, who I really like and hope she straightens out soon.

Michael Jackson-
Michael will be in the news throughout the year in reference to his death. Doctor will be taken in and face charges of murder. More rumors will arise about a conspiracy to steal Michael's money. Two others may be involved including Latoya & Jeremy. All charges will be dropped.

Dick Clark-
This will be a tough year when it comes to health for this legendary celeb. Dick is running out of time quickly and I believe we may loss him late this year into early 2011.

Graceland Tennessee-
Some type of headlines come forth about Graceland. I kept seeing the gates of Graceland. This could be due to a robbery or theft and maybe even with rumors that Graceland will close or be sold. This will not happen.

Diane Sawyer-
Diane will face a lot of criticism and problems, including a small health problem.Possibly in March and in June. People will say she just does not fit the part.

Jason Priestly-
I don’t really know anything about Jason but he did come to me several times. This would have something to do with marriage or divorce.

Oprah Winfrey-
Oprah will have a rough year in 2010. It could leave her cutting herself back or cutting the show a few weeks short. She will endure a health issue later in the year or early 2011. Oprah has blockage already in the heart area a bit. This will lead her into a heart attack within the next five years.

The band announces a big comeback & is successful once again.
Update- Kiss is certainly making a comeback as of July 2010. The band is going back to their old root wearing makeup and dressings as they did in the 70's. They have even appeared live on several popular TV shows including America's Got Talent in July.

Hillary Swank - Hillary in headline for winning an award.

Hillary Duff-
Hillary has some type of tragic incident in her life. Maybe in March

Paris Hilton-
Paris always has a way with hitting the news. This is not going to be the best of years for Paris. Another run in with the law or even the IRS leaves her in headlines. Something positive for Paris is a big engagement or marriage. Rumors of pregnancy also arise. A child is in her near future, possibly mid 2011.

Tiger Woods-
Karma is a bitch folks, and eventually it will catch up to you some way or another. Tiger is paying and about to pay big time. He will lose more then two hundred thousand dollars in 2010 just in endorsements. He will continue to keep well out of the public eye until he has no other choice but to show his face. This could and most likely will be because of a court appearance that his lawyers can’t get him out of. This may occur around the month of April. He is continuing his affair with the first mistress and his wife will go back to her native country with her family for a little while. She will be staying out of the U.S. for the most part of 2010. Rumors will say that they are back together and I just do not see this happening. He will get a divorce and this will go down in history as the largest settlement in history, even more then Paul McCartney’s very expensive divorce. It will be about three years or until 2012 before we begin to see Tiger on the golf fields again playing pro. In the beginning he will have a hard time even being permitted to play. Within one year of that Tiger will make a huge comeback and by then already be remarried.

Justin Timberlake-
Justin hit the news with the announcement of a few things. A new album, engagement, wedding and his new fiance pregnancy of a baby boy. All after rumors of his break up.

You don’t hear as much about Madonna as we use to. Well we will probably get sick of hearing about her in 2010. A new man in her life is one thing. But I kept getting something about an accident around her or her children. This could involve a small fender bender with her limo. She is also presented with a very special award. Of course she decides to try and adopt another child in 2010. Rumors of an illness will be nothing for Mag to worry about.


jabsw91 said...

Great job already
#37, Brittany Murphy found in her bathroom
#47, Trace Adkins Tour bus crash of Country star
#53, 153,000 earthquake in Haiti
#56, Day's of our lives Frances Reid died at 95
-Snow is already terrible, earthquakes are already happening everywhere there was even a small one in Chicago this Month, mudslide and cold temps.

I worry about #1 I live in Indiana and have a child in school. There was a recent shooting in Knoxville but I have a feeling that is not the headline you seen.

I think you are a good, brave person. God Bless you,

jabsw91 said...

When I say great job I don't mean I'm glad these things have happened. I mean great job on how well Jospeh is using his gift. Because this helps me and it helps me with my prayers too :)


Unknown said...

Hi Joseph! I am amazed at the accuracy we have already seen in your predictions! RE: #23 see this link

regarding a plane crash that happened 31 minutes ago. They are saying it's not terrorist related, but it's suspicious.....

Anonymous said...

I know it's a bit early but who do you see running against President Obama in 2012?

Also, the Bible Code predicts "The Big One" California earthquake in the summer of 2010. Thoughts on that?

Snow Miracle said...

Another major quake will be reported off the coast deep in the ocean. This will be a big one and will in turn cause issues for several different coastal areas. This may most likely be linked to the tsunami that I kept seeing.

Earthquake in Chile and now they are talking about tsunami that could possibly hit Hawaii (I think I heard Hawaii on the TV news just a moment ago) because of it?! You are spooky Jospeh!!! :D

Debra said...


I found this page when googling to see if any other psychics are picking up on this nasty, electric, overwhelming feeling i'm getting about Oklahoma. I too am feeling that something huge is going to happen in Oklahoma. I think it's going to be an earthquake and I think it's going to kill a lot of people.
Have you received any more specific info about it?

Jen said...

I've been following this and have been shocked with how spot on your predictions are Joseph.

I'd like to add these to your updates. I hope some of these are what you saw in your visions.

#1 (Feb 23) Thirty-two year old gunman opens fire at a middle school in Littleton, Colorado shooting 2.

# 8 (Mar 19) Israel fired five missiles at Gaza a day after rocket fire from Gaza killed a Thai worker.

#23 (Feb 6) Mid air plane crash kills 3 in Boulder, CO when a small plane crashed in to an aircraft.
(Mar 20) Two planes involved in a mid-air plane collision left three people dead near the Marion-Levy county line in Florida.

Weather #3: (Apr. 13) A 6.9 magnitude earthquake in a southern Qinghai Province of China kills around 600.

*(Mar 24) - New Moore Island in the Sunderbans has completely disappeared and has submerged due to the rise of sea levels in Bay of Bengal.

Celebs: Lady Gaga
(Mar 16) - Lady Gaga appeared on the verge of collapse at a show in New Zealand and explains January 14th cancellation dates due to exhaustion.

#63 (Mar 29) - Ricky Martin announces his homosexuality.
(Apr. 1) - Anna Paquin, hit star of the vampire show, True Blood announces she is bisexual in a public service announcement.

Unknown said...

Graceland Tennessee- Some type of headlines come forth about Graceland. I kept seeing the gates of Graceland. This could be due to a robbery or theft and maybe even with rumors that Graceland will close or be sold. This will not happen.
This allready happened a month ago.
A SUV rammed the gates and went up the driveway

,also: The owner of The Elvis Presley Estate Mr Sillerman of CKX is talking about selling The Estate.

JuliB55 said...

Joseph said: "One [earthquake] within the U.S. & Canada could also reach up to 5.5 in magnitude."

There was a quake in eastern Canada yesterday that rattled "areas that have never experienced a quake before" (Lodi and Hackensack, NJ; Ohio; etc.). Although the quake registered as a 5.0, I read that the type of much harder rock on the East Coast of North America (as opposed to the softer rock of the West) gives the temblor the effect of a 5.5 quake.

Holy cow, Joseph!

Anonymous said...

#55: The girl Abby Sunderland/Sutherland that went MIA while Sailing could be the second person.. she was in headlines because she was only 16.

big Daddy said...

For your GaGa prediction, recently Pink was injured falling off the stage...with both being so eclectic, it's a possibility that the prediction was for her....maybe?

Cosso said...

MANCHESTER, Conn. (AP) — A driver caught stealing beer from the warehouse where he worked agreed to resign his job Tuesday and then as "cold as ice," one of his victims said, went on a shooting rampage, killing eight people and injuring two before committing suicide.
Omar Thornton, 34, pulled out a handgun after a meeting in which he was shown video evidence of the thefts and was offered the chance to quit or be fired.

Anonymous said...

#41 Austrailia has been plagued by locusts;

Anonymous said...

As of 8/28/2010 -- Paris Hilton was arrested for possession of cocaine in Las Vegas, her boyfriend caught a DUI charge as well.

QwuakeUp said...

MAJOR UFO SIGHTINGS OCTOBER 13th - Present OVER NEW YORK (Viewd by hundreds of thousands of people), EL PASO AND INNER MONGOLIA

snowhawkwoman said...

you need to update number 38...earthquake in Oklahoma...Oct. 13, 2010
One of the strongest earthquakes in state history startled Oklahomans Wednesday morning, rattling windows and nerves but causing no major damage or injuries.
Graduate student Joshua Dhanens was in th 6th floor break room of Dale Hall Tower on the University of Oklahoma campus when he and two associates felt the effects of a reported 4.3 magnitude earthquake with a center in east Norman, Oklahoma on Wednesday, October 13, 2010. "I've lived in California, so I wasn't too concerned." he said. He didn't, however, expect to be in an earthquake in Oklahoma.
Oct 13, 2010 A magnitude 5.1 earthquake shook central Oklahoma at 9:06 am.
The quake was centered eight miles southeast of Norman, south of Lake Thunderbird, near E Post Oak Road and 84th Avenue SE, Oklahoma Geological Survey research seismologist Austin Holland said. He estimated the magnitude of the 9:06 a.m. quake at 5.1
Readers of The Oklahoman reported the quake felt or sounded like "a 747 landing in the neighbors' yard," "a semi hit our house" or "my house had been hit by a trash truck." People from seven states reported to the U.S. Geological Survey that they felt the quake, including from as far away as Brentwood, Tenn.

Gypsy Journo said...

I don't know if this is anything, but the incident in Korea today where North hit South and South retaliated suggests to me that this will link in with what you see with the soldiers being deployed at Christmas time and China vs USA stuff.
From there, my own like visions see Australian ex defence force personnel being called up in the next 3-5 months for what I could only describe as being WW3.

If you want to have a think about something else, you mentioned seeing President Shot. The Australian PM was 'stabbed in the back' by his own people this year, leading to Australia getting its first female PM. Just a thought.

Adrian Brooks Collins said...

Seasoned Greetings Joseph,

Happiest of Thanksgivings to you my Sweet Spirit!

So, I guess you'll be updating your 2010 predictions for item #9, the N. Korean missile firing, right?


(Maybe I'll get to Toronto in March!!!)

Anonymous said...

This is a perfect example of an accurate psychic. Your predictions are really on target.

Unknown said...

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