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Friday, February 19, 2010

Temperance Event & Receiving Messages From My Own Loved Ones

Last Friday evening was my second event at the very lovely, and very haunted, Temperance House Restaurant, Bar & Hotel. I absolutely love this place. The Temperance House is set in a historic building from the 1700's on a quaint, yet busy, little strip in Newtown Pennsylvania. There is some really interesting history with the building and the area goes back to George Washington and the revolutionary war. In Buck's County, including Newtown, I have done many ghost investigations and have had run ins with literally hundreds of different earth bound spirits from many different eras.

Last time I did an event at the Temperance House I had also done a bit of a walk through investigation & ghost hunt with one of the owners. I blogged all about the experience. So, if you have not read that post, you may want to do so. Just click Here. This time my entire experience was quite different then the last time. Bob & I arrived and set some things up including a few white candles. Then Erica, one of the managers and such a sweetie, gave me a key to room number six to go & do my prayer & meditation. Just sending
me to room number 6 was enough to ensure me that our own deceased loved ones were there for the event. The number six is special to Bob for it is the date of his fathers birthday, June Sixth. A sure sign that Bobs dad was there in spirit, but where the heck were the signs from my mother? Not that I was looking for any. I never do, I just keep an open mind and allow the messages to come.

I went to my room & did my usual prayers before going into a deep meditation. I really was not even looking or thinking anything about the ghosts that I previously ran into. I sat in a cozy chair, closed my eyes and began to do proper breathing & relaxation to get myself into a trance state. As I began to relax I realized the heater was right next to me on high blowing air a bit too loudly. So I reached over, turned off the heater and continued my meditation. About a minute had passed and suddenly I felt a presence in the room and then the heater went back on full blast all by itself. Well I'm sure it did have a little help going back on. I laughed aloud and said "hey kids, nice to see you again. You would really impress me if you would turn the heater back off for me please. I waited another minute and of course they didn't turn the heater back off as per my request.

It was the ghost of the little girl I ran into the last time I was at the Temperance House. She wanted to play, but not really with the heater. There was no time to play and I believe she completely understood that. It was very interesting. Then she just vanished and I did not see her at all the rest of the evening. I continued on with my meditation clearing my mind and forgetting all about the ghosts so that I could get into the trance state to allow spirit to communicate with me during the event. I went through my usual steps of the meditation process to get into that state of mind.

Often once I enter the proper state of mind I'm in turn greeted by one or two of the eight spirit guides that work with me. This time I was not only greeted by one of my guide, I was first greeted by my mother. She stood in the doorway looking absolutely beautiful with a smile on her face and a feeling of peace & love washed over me. At my mothers side I saw Bob's father, whom I never met in the physical world, and a few other deceased relatives. This was not the first time I have been greeted in my meditation by this group of loved ones. My mother often says something simple and short enveloped with loved like "I'm very proud of you sweetheart". I really thought nothing of it other then it was so nice & heartwarming to know that they were all with me in spirit during this event.

Once I finishe
d up with my prayers & meditation I shut things down in the room and continued down stairs to get ready to go on in front of a crowd of about sixty people. Something seemed to be really off this evening for some reason. I couldn't quite put my finger on it. The energy was really wacky and cloudy with confusion. Maybe it was the group of people, maybe it was something in the air, or better yet, the phase of the moon or planetary influence. In the beginning and a few times through the event I kept hitting a brick wall. I was becoming overwhelmed by spirit and could not focus on one individual. It did not take long after I began for a very strong and determined father & husband to pull me to his wife & children in the audience.

First one woman stood up to claim some of the information that was coming through. Then there were some details that she did not understand, but another woman sitting next to
her new what I was saying. Here it was her sister that was sitting next to her and on her other side was their mother. I remember at one point seeing a roof caved in. The mother was so funny with her responses, especially beings she was so skeptical. She responded "I just saw that on the news today." The audience chuckled. Then a message came through from their father about someone who had their finger cut off. Once again they could not confirm the details of the message. After some really fun and detailed messages I began to move to someone else in the audience.

Even though they had no idea what I meant by someone having their finger cut off, a few days would pass and
they would know exactly what spirit was referring to. It just so happened that one of their close relatives, I think a brother, just recently cut off his finger and had it stitched back on. They did not know about this incident at all when I mentioned it. They found out about the cut off finger a few days later and someone contacted my office to let us know the details. I tell people all the time to just write things down and you will figure it out later. Sometimes we are not meant to know the message the moment it comes through from spirit right away. Spirit often brings through many messages that I refer to as re-validations. A re-validation is a message that means nothing now but will later serve as a reminder of the connection you previously received. Just to make sure you got the message and don't forget the previous experience with your deceased loved one.

I went on to bring through messages for several other groups of people who were in the audience. It was one woman in the front row that was about to send my head into a spin. I began to make a very clear and strong connection with her husband who ha
d passed. He also had a great sense of humor as did she. I went on with the messages and then received the name Barbara and in turn asked the woman "Who is Barb?" She responded with a smile "Your Mom." At this point I probably had an expression of confusion on my face. I never saw her in my life and had no idea why she would reference that to my mom. At first I thought that maybe she read about my mother in my book and was just playing with me a bit. I said to her "Seriously, who is Barb to you." Another response came from her "She is your mom and we were friends."

If only I could see the expression on my face at this point in the reading. I had never met this woman in my entire life. It just so happened that her and my mother were very good friends in high school and long after. My mother happened to be the maid of honor at the woman's wedding. To top it off, she even brought two pictures of my mother with her that she carried in her purse. The pictures were of my mother when they were in their late teens. I didn't know about the pictures until the end of the event when the woman approached Bob and I to tell me more about my mother and how the two of them were once very good friends. They were even on the show "Dancing On Air" together along with my Aunt Joyce, my moms sister. I never expected this to happen and was totally blind sided. In all it was a pretty cool experience for both her and I.

I never expect to receive messages for myself from my own deceased loved ones while doing any type of event or reading. This was not the first time that I have had an experience during a reading and realized afterward that there were actually messages for myself. Just a few months ago I was doing a group
reading and kept seeing a police car with the lights flashing on. This is a sure sign that someone would soon be pulled over by the police. The vision of the car & lights is usually accompanied by details of why the person will be pulled over and sometimes where it will occur. This particular time it was because of speeding and would happen to someone on their way to or way home from work. I thought nothing of it beings I have had that message come through in the past for clients. What I didn't realize was that this time the message was meant for me.

After leaving the private gallery, where I saw the police lights, that evening I was driving home without even realizing that I had a lead foot and was driving faster then the speed limit. I blew right past a police officer who was tucked back behind a building just hiding and waiting for someone like me to blow past him. Well he caught up with me and I could not talk my way out of that ticket. The thought never crossed my mind that the message I received earlier that evening about someone being pulled over for speeding would be for me. I was so mad at myself for not considering that the message could at all pertain to me. The good thing was that I went to court to fight the ticket and actually won. I paid a minimal fine of about forty dollars but didn't have to worry about points being put against my license. So now when I'm in the middle of receiving messages from spirit I will pay closer attention to them knowing now that they could possibly be for me.

All and all the event at the Temperance House went really well. Afterward Bob and I sat in the dining room and ordered a wonderful dinner. It was a bit late for dinner but how could we pass up such a delicious menu. By the time we were through I was completely wiped out as if I were ran over a few times. It was all worth the experience I had myself and the experience I was honored to bring others who attended the event that evening. I look forward to future events at the Temperance House. I love sharing my experiences with you all and hope that you enjoyed reading about this experience. Thank you for allowing me to share my work & experiences with you all.
With Love, Light & Desire To Inspire
Joseph Tittel :-)

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