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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

2010 Visions Of The Future & The Earth Changes

The following is from my 2010 predictions post in my January newsletter.

This will be my third year bringing my world predictions to the public. I began seeing visions when I was just a little boy. I would see visions of things prior to them happening often throughout my childhood all the way up to the present day. My earliest recollection of a vision was when I was about five or six years old and on family vacation in Wildwood New Jersey. My brother & I were riding on the water slide all day with no problems. At one point, while climbing back up the stair to ride again, I began to feel the structure shake violently and I panicked, held on to the railing and would not let go. My brother persistently kept saying “Come on, come one, lets go again”. I could not let go of the rail and told him it was going to fall. He talked me into going up for one more slide down and call it the day. The following day the top story on the news was that a water slide in Wildwood NJ collapsed injuring many people on the slide.
What happens with me has been happening all of my life. I get these visions of things happening within a few days or few weeks prior to them actually happening. For years I would tell nobody about these visions. Here there would be a big quake, like the last huge quake that hit California decades go, that I saw prior to it coming to light and I would say to friends “I saw that coming”. They would laugh and say “Yeah, sure you did.” So at one point I decided that every time I would have a vision I would tell all my friends and family members. Right after that decision I began to see planes crashing into a populated city area and what felt like the largest funeral in history.

Soon after the planes flew into the twin towers in New York city. I have no control over these visions and really have no idea why I get visions of world events. When I do reading for people or work with the police I see things in the form of visions in which are healing and helpful to my client. The future world visions leave me feeling useless because there is nothing I can do to prevent it. When I got my first radio show three years ago with WBCB radio my two co-host’s The Big Kahuna & my assistant Bob had came up with the idea that I should do predictions for a special New Years Show. I thought it was a great idea, but at the same time I was not sure I could come up with a list beings they come to me. In this case I would have to try and see them on my own before they come to me. So I decided to give it a try by doing a psychic reading of sorts along with prayers & deep meditation to see into world events for the coming year.

To my surprise I was able to receive a good bit of specific information from Spirit about future events. I did not receive many time lines on the visions and predictions I made, but would think they would all occur within the year. This being the third year of my predictions I have noticed that some come true right away, while others take a bit longer. There are a few that carried over a little longer then one year and of course some that did not seem to pass at all. I see these predictions in two forms. In the form of newspaper headlines & with visions of the actual event taking place. I receive millions of hits throughout January & February but encourage you all to visit frequently to see updates in my predictions. In time I may add more predictions & update ones that come true.

This year I have been having several different visions of world events before even preparing my predictions. There were only a few and I’m thinking that they may occur rather soon. I can tell however that some of them will not occur until closer to 2012. Our planet is going through some major changes and a major shift is in the process right now. This will lead the world down a new path bring much needed change to the entire planet. The unfortunate part of this is the bad that will have to come before the good. Entire areas completely wiped out, millions killed, famine and so much more. This will cause more of us to come together as one. There will become a time when we will depend on growing our own foods and working together in a community like it once was. Don’t take this the wrong way. It is nothing like the way some are trying to make it out to be. Yes times will get hard for many, but the world is not coming to an end. No person on this planet now will ever see the end of life on Earth

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