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Thursday, October 11, 2007

Z 100 Radio Interview

Yesterday I had an interview with the New York hit radio station Z100. I prepared myself prior to the interview with a prayer and meditation. I had no doubt that I needed to be prepared to face some ridicule and skepticism. A problem that psychics often have to face. I do understand that there are some psychics in this world that just like to make other believe they are psychic when in actuality they are not at all psychic. Lets face it folks, there are some very gifted psychics in this world.

I called into the station and was immediately connected to the stations morning crew, anxiously waiting to drill me. I knew ahead of time that this could be a problem and instantly knew when they began playing spooky music in the background. "I love the music guys" was amongst my first words. Right away I was asked to give them something to make them believe I was a for real psychic. If your open minded then I will have no problem showing you that I'm for real. If you a close minded person, then I could have a problem. One of the guys in the studio really was difficult with his comments and skepticism.

There were several energies trying to connect with me to bring through messages. As soon as I mentioned that I had a father type figure coming through the major skeptic in the room immediately interrupted. He didn't even want to give me a chance to finish without having to say something negative. He insisted that the few things he allowed me to say could pertain to anyone. There was a woman from the station that keep interrupting the skeptic telling him to give me a chance.

The interview went on and I finally was able to bring several messages across. At one point the woman became completely freaked out by the accurate information that I was giving her. There were four people in the radio station studio and they asked me what I felt about each of them. This is were they became really amazed by my accuracy. One of the guys was so freaked out that he kept insisting that the other guys set him up. He really thought that they called and told me things to say to him to mess with him a bit. I had to insist that they did not talk to me prior to the call, which they did not. I let him know that I take my work seriously and would never allow someone to use me in that way.

By the end of the interview they were all one hundred percent convinced that I have a gift. Even the guy that seemed to harass because of his skepticism was convinced by the end of the interview. Even though I felt like I was on the air live, the show was recorded for a future air date. You will also be able to access the interview through the stations archives on their web site. I will keep everyone update as to when the interview will air live. You can also listen to the show live by going on their web site. I was told that it may air on Halloween, but again I have not yet received any confirmation.

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