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Monday, April 20, 2009

Interview Tonight & Tomorrow's Radio Show

Hello Everyone. I hope you all had a very nice weekend. I do have a bunch of messages that came through over the weekend that I would like to post, probably some time tomorrow. I have not had a day off in more then a week now and will keep going. Tonight at 8pm Eastern time I will be interviewed by my good friend Alison Baughman. She will be taking calls and you can get the opportunity to call and ask me a question about your life, such as finances and career. Some of you may remember Alison from being on my radio show several times. Alison is the best numerologist that I have ever come across. Alison is also host of her own radio show Visible By Numbers. You can listen to the show Live on the net.

My 4pm radio show Messages From The Other Side heard on WBCB every Tuesday will be cancelled tomorrow due to a baseball game. I guess they find that more interesting, LOL. I actually could use a little break anyway. However, my other show Journey Into The Paranormal will go on as usual. The show can be heard live on the Internet by going to my blog talk radio page. Tomorrows topic will be Messages From The Other Side. Beings my regular show is canceled I will just make the Journey Into The Paranormal show the same as my regular show. Therefore I will be taking calls and answering life questions only. I hope you tune in and enjoy both shows. You will find a new post with the messages that came through over the weekend sometime this week.
With Love & Light

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