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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Remote Viewing

Believe it or not the government, police and the FBI use remote viewers to help in mostly cases such as kidnappings and hostage situations. I was asked to do a remote viewing exercise for the series "Real Psychics" for Comcast On Demands Paranormal TV. I was not really comfortable with it but did it anyway. I was placed in the Comcast building in center city Philadelphia while a young lady was located at another location in the city. We were both given a note pad and colored pens. She was to draw everything in her surroundings while I attempted to draw things that she was drawing in order to figure out her location. Check out the video and see what happened. There are more video's of past shows, interviews and readings on my YouTube page. Hope you enjoy. Blessings.....Joseph

1 comment:

nadia said...

hello my friend
it is amazing how you were able to locate her position.
as i ve told you before this is a gift given to by god to help and i am glad to see more and more that you are truely using it to help people. some people want to know about what the future holds for them others want some comfort that their loved ones who have passed away passed away in peace and this is what you are giving them.
i havent had the chance to catch you on your radio show cause when you are on the lines are always you know i am from lebanon when it is afternoon at your end of the world it is late at night at ours which makes it difficult to catch your second program but i sometimes listen to it later.keep up the good work remember god has given you this gift take care of it.