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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Stress Leads To Some Great Messages

Stress certainly has it way with taking a toll on our bodies. I found this out the hard way over the past few weeks. Being a Virgo myself, I tend to stress out about everything, even the little things at times seem to eat me up inside. This goes for all you Virgo's out there. The Virgo also seems to have problems with the stomach such as ulcers. Did you know that each zodiac sign has a particular part of the body that can have issues, Virgo is the stomach and Taurus is the throat. You can find more about this on a good astrology web site. Speaking of astrology, Mercury goes into retrograde on May 7. I have posted past blogs about the Mercury retrograde and its effects. We will have to endure the the retrograde for practically the entire month of May.

My stress began really just from being overwhelmed and also because of a call I was waiting for from producers. I would rather not go into everything right now, sorry. Well I had to do a reading for a group of producers and this stressed me out so much and I have no idea why I let it stress me out, that darn Virgo trait haunts me at times. So I believe the reading went very well and right afterword's Bob and I headed to Philly to see my favorite singer, Stevie Nicks, and Fleetwood Mac. I will upload picture from the concert onto my FaceBook and MySpace tomorrow. It was a great time and we had great seats in the third row from the stage. Also right after the reading I got a call from someone about doing a morning show that airs out of Arizona and in five states on the west coast. The show is called the John Jay and Rich Show and from what I found later it is a very popular show. I ended up getting that call is another entire story but I can tell you it came from the reading that I did. The stress actually had me thinking one night that maybe I had food poisoning. I just could not keep food down. Then I thought to myself, "You stupid Virgo you, it is stress so take a deep breath." And that is what I did, took a few deep breaths and in a day or so I was back to normal, some what.

The thought of doing any morning show is enough to stress you out right there alone. Morning shows sometimes like to make fun of psychics and sometimes even try to make them look bad. It happened to me before with a morning show out of New York. They were making fun before I even got on the air. You can actually listen to that interview on my site. It was one of my favorite. They were not making fun by the time they were done talking to me. Going back to the morning show I did last Friday morning. It was 11:15 our time here on the East coast and 8:15 their time. They were all very cool about the process and I liked all of them. They asked a few questions and then I did a reading for them which also went very well. I could not believe the amount of hits my web site received from this show. I have done several shows for television and radio and I think the John Jay & Rich morning show broke my record for web hits. I look forward to going on their show again in the future. You can listen to the interview on their site and soon on my site.

Friday evening I had a sold out event at the Boy Scouts building in Doylestown, PA. I think there were about sixty people that attended the event. This was one of those WOW events. The messages that came through were so detailed with accuracy beyond belief. There were so many messages that came through that evening but there is only one in particular that sticks out in my mind. When I communicate with the other side I receive my information in several forms. Sometimes I see the spirit and communicate that way, sometimes I just hear them or feel them. Sometimes I have visions or actually see things play out right in front of my eyes. Like some of the murder cases I have worked on, it is like I'm sitting back and watching a movie.

It was during the second half of the event and it all began to play out in my head, as if I were standing there watching. There was a plane crash and I was looking at the aftermath of the crash. I did not actually see the crash itself play out, just what it may have looked like right after impact. The number 87 kept coming to my and at the same time I began to have a mother figure come through. I was not sure if the mother figure was connected to the plane crash, I could have been connecting to two separate spirits. I also kept getting that there was one survivor from the crash. One of the women in the audience raised her hand and explained that either her or a family member was in a plane crash and everyone survived. I saw fire and she said there was fire but I knew that could bot be it. There was too many details and I could clearly see everything playing out, there is definitely one survivor and maybe 87 killed.

After a few minute a woman in the back raised her hand and knew exactly what I was describing during my connection. The audience got a little bit of a laugh when I jokingly said "What took you so long to raise your hand, not too many people have a connection to a plane crash." There was actually so much humor that also came through during the entire event. I asked the woman to stand up and then I immediately knew it was her that I needed to direct my connection to. I began to visually see a mother figure standing behind her with her hand on the woman's shoulder, she could even feel the warmth in her shoulder. First I went into more detail about the plane crash and she was able to confirm everything I said. There were a few things should could not confirm right away which is normal for any reading. People can not think of everything right away, especially during an emotional connection. She actually sent us an email confirming everything and thanking me for everything.

The number 87 refers to the year of the crash, 1987. There was one survivor which happened to be a good friend of hers from her childhood. The survivors mother covered the child with her body and search and rescue found the little girl underneath of her mothers body. Everyone else on the plane perished. Then I began to receive a big apology from the mother figure behind the woman I was reading. The deceased Mother-In-Law was very mean to her and really treated her horribly. I described this to her and began to tell her that she was holding onto so much anger because of her mother-in-law. I continued to explain that this anger was preventing her from moving on and that she really needed to forgive her mother-in-law. Not only to help herself, but to help them both move forward. The connection came with overwhelming regret from her mother-in-law. A connection that was well overdue.

The friend that survived the plane crash along with the deceased mother-in-law were not the only connections she was going to receive. So many details including the name Frank and Franklin. Not just Frank, more specifically Franklin. I kept seeing Franklin in an Elf Costume which brought a little more laughter. Franklin also was mentioning Arizona and possibly Mexico too. There was also the name Andrea which she did not understand until she sent me the email. It did not hit her right away but Andrea would be her cousin. Well the woman just recently had out the picture of her nephew, Franklin, in the elf costume. Her nephew would dress up in the elf costume in Arizona during the holidays with her and her Uncle Frank. The three of them would load up the truck with toys and drive them to the kids in Mexico. There was also the name Andrea that came up, but she did not know what that was at the time. In her email she mentioned that Andrea is actually her cousin. How crazy is all of that?

I do not get very many connection to people who passed away or were even in a horrible plane crash. To receive such details was a sure sign that there were some determined spirits making sure the woman left with not an ounce of skepticism. I had a private gallery on Saturday which included several men that were very skeptical. At one point there was one guy who would not even look at me. He seemed offended when messages that came through for him were not addressed directly to him. Sometime I have no idea where or who I'm with. It also seemed as if he did not even want to be there in the beginning. But once he experienced a connection for himself and realized that it really was his father coming through he wanted more and more.

Sunday I was back to one of my favorite spots for another sold out event at Ashes To Ashes in Bordentown. For some reason I just can not remember much of anything from that event. I did receive another email from a woman that attended the event at Ashes To Ashes. Again I do not remember the connection but in her email she talks about the details that came through from her mother MaryAnn. Both that name came through and the name Miriam, which was an odd name for me. Her MaryAnn was her mothers real name and she later changed it to Miriam. She was very skeptical even after the dates, names and details of her mothers passing. Then I mentioned the bat and that would certainly make a believer out of her. The bat was very significant and she explained it all in the email she wrote. I thank everyone who sent an email with feedback from the past events. We will read them on my next radio show.

That was not the only email from the event at Ashes To Ashes. This particular woman wrote in her email that she has been read by Sylvia Brown twice and twice by John Edward. I was honored when she said in the email that I was the most detailed and accurate. There were many things that I told her that she also could not confirm during the event. She emailed the information to her father and he confirmed every detail that came through during her connection. My favorite part of this weekends connections is the healing that I witness taking place during my connections with the deceased. At time I can see the burdens lifted right off the person I'm reading shoulders. I wouldn't give that up for anything, it is why I love the work that I do and have dedicated my life to it.

Sure it can be stressful at times and like the past week it can even make me a little sick, But hey, that is stress for you and some of us can handle stress better then others. I'm also very sensitive and can feel what others are feeling. That can be pretty heavy at times. You learn in time how to control all of that and protect yourself when your dealing with connecting to the deceased. Like a few weeks ago when I was doing a ready for a woman and her three young children that recently lost her husband (A police officer) tragically in an accident. As soon as they walked out of my office I became overwhelmed with emotion and actually felt their pain and sorrow and that left me there crying for a few minutes. We all deal with some types of stress and some of you could be more sensitive then you think. I know it is easier said then done, but remain positive. You can be stressed and still remain positive. Also learn to take a deep breath and maybe even meditate for a few minute. If not you may end up with an ulcer like I did. And if your a Virgo then your going to have to work a little harder on the stress then most.

Monday I did an interview on Alison Baughman's show "Visible By Numbers". I posted all about Alison about a week ago on this blog. The show went great and I even received an email from one of Alison's callers. I did several readings on her show and made a really strong connection with one callers father. There were many issues with the caller and her deceased father. It was another reading and connection that was long overdue. She thanked me in her email for all of the healing that came from just a short connection with her father. I want to thank everyone for allowing me to share my gift with you. And a special thank you to all that received messages this past weekend and to those who sent us an email about your experience. I hope that I have inspired you all in some way. Thanks for taking the time to Read my blog.


Unknown said...

Joseph...I was so pleased to be able to speak with you on Alsion's show on Monday, and, indeed, I needed the connection with my dad very badly. He and I were very close and only after his death did I come to learn that my own family members attempted to break us apart. They were successful, I am afraid to say. When he passed there was barely a relationship between us. I have often felt since he passed that he came to know the truth and even felt the regret you felt from him. Since his death, I have had panic and anxiety and have gained lots of weight. On the 21st, the day after we spoke, I began a health program including exercise and proper eating. I have tried to do this so many times since my dad died and couldn't. This time, it is nearly effortless. I truly felt the healing in my life that came from your reading and want to thank you again for sharing your wonderful gift with me....Beth

nadia ur fan from lebanon said...

it s me again u llsoon be fed up with my continious comments but after reading your detailed blog stress leads to.....i could not helpbut write again. twice in the same day.
i really have no idea why your newsletter came to my e mail but i am really glad it did. i feel that it was GOD sent. i feel that u probably face many skeptics and my encouragement is ment to push you towards continueing the help you offer those in need.
joseph reading ur latest blog i realize more and more how difficult your job is. have courage and faith to continue. very few people who are given a gift like yours use it in the correct way. may god bless you and keep you safe.
by the way the part about the virgo is very true especially the stress thing and how they are effected by it. we at home are 3 virgos 1 lion and 1 cancer.
enough for today. have a wonderful afternoon for me it is goodnight now. take care and may the blessings of allah be with you always

Anonymous said...

joe ur prediction about finding a new planet came true.

CKaye said...

I am Gemini with Virgo rising born from Gemini and Virgo parents, and yes, I am very very prone to nervous illness, smoke, read almost compulsively, workaholic, etc. Like you, I have to constantly work on and remind myself to relax and take a break.

I have been unemployed for more than a year and my stomach is killing me. I don't know how to stop this from happening - of course anyone would be worried if they had no idea how they were going to feed themselves. Sometimes, it is too much.

Take care of yourselves, both of you Bob and Joseph!