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Sunday, May 3, 2009

Opening Your Mind & Messages From This Weekends Event

I kept pretty busy over the past week and tried to be less stressed, what a joke that is. This week I'm off on Monday and Tuesday. Beginning this week and the first week of every month I will not have a radio show. With summer coming and something I have pending I needed the extra time off. So just in case you were planning on tuning in this week you know that you can tune in to both shows again on May 11. Both shows will also be canceled on May 18 because I will actually be away on a long over due vacation. I'm looking so forward to going away. Were going to Atlantic City to see James Van Praagh and then we are off to Disney World and also a wedding. It will be a fun and busy week and it can not come quick enough.

There was some talk on my Face Book page about Bob and I going on Big Brother. That is just a rumor. Over the past few months I have applied for several shows and talked to many producers. There was one show for the Sci-Fi channel that I really thought I was going to get. It was going to be like unsolved mysteries except using psychics to work in the unsolved crimes. I believe one of the reasons I did not get to be part of the pilot was because I live on the east coast and that is another reason why I really would love to live in California. I actually have a goal to hopefully move there within the next five years. There is something else that feels promising but I will not stress about it. I know something is coming that is going to be rather big, I just do not know when or what that will be. That is one of the things that sometimes stinks about being a psychic medium, you just can not read yourself. At times I just know things that are going to happen but I could never read into it. I get messages all the time from my deceased loved ones, but just don't get them when I want them or ask for them.

Friday evening was my second event at the beautiful Salem Creekside Inn located along the Neshaminy Creek in Bensalem. I just love this place and all the work they put into it. It is interesting in my perspective to see the differences in the crowd that attends from one event to another. Some crowds are a little more tense then other crowds and some people more open to the information coming through. With every event there is always someone who does not want to accept the messages that are coming through for them and others willing to steal those messages and relatives and keep them for themselves. It is kind of funny to see at times.

Once in a while we run into one difficult person or one flat out ignorant person. That is something Bob had to deal with when this event ended. This woman approached Bob and asked about the ticket price. Someone purchased her ticket and she had no idea what they had paid. When Bob told her she became very nasty and rude and I will not even give her the satisfaction of writing what she said. What it all boils down to is the fact that she was mad because she did not receive a message or a reading. She could have also been mad because while I was in the middle of speaking someone felt a need to be rude by holding a conversation with the person next to them. So I had asked them to please not talk while I'm talking. I'm sorry but I think that is just straight up rude.

It happens every once in a while, just like when someones cell phone goes off, its just not being very thoughtful for others. Of course sometimes it is a mistake, I have left my cell on by accident one time. Now I always keep my cell on vibrate. I just could not understand why the woman had to be so mean, especially beings Bob is so nice to everyone. I do not think she was the one talking, I got more like she was mad because she did not get a reading and beings she did not then it all had to be fake. I look at people like that and feel sad for them, they must not be very happy or have any respect for themselves if they are treating others like that.

The event itself went very well, just like the last event at the Inn. The energy was pretty good, with that one exception, and the messages that came through were amazing to say the least. We arrived and I did a little blessing in the room where the event was before wondering off and up the stairs to a vacant room where I could relax, say a prayer and meditate. I had a good amount of time to relax and meditate and many times while I meditate many messages come through. This time I began to receive visions of a fire, as if I were watching it on a movie screen. It was a house, I felt panic and struggle and began to feel three people connected to this fire. Was not sure whether three perished or not, I wrote this down along with other messages. Once Bob introduced me and I talked a bit about my work and Heaven, I went on to read the messages I wrote down in my meditation. Then I came to the last message, except it was more of a description of what I saw. I read the notes to the audience, fire, house, three people, a pet, or two people and a pet.

Immediately after I read the message I instantly went into a connection with a woman who passed. She began to describe the fire and how she passed, I did not feel burn but more like smoke inhalation. She mentioned the pet and husband who actually got out of the fire. I received the "B" name and the name Lucky, which was the name of the dog that survived. She described the autopsy and then her husband who is living and the fact that he is currently sick with cancer, all validated by the girl I was pulled to and a big group of people in the audience. I also felt that she tried to get out and was close but because of the smoke she passed out and fell to the floor. The girl in the audience validated everything and said they found the woman on the floor by the door trying to get out. Then came the name Benjamen and her father began to come through along with some dates and details that were also validated.

Then there was Frank and two younger energies, one passed tragically and the other had a heart attack at home. At one point I began to see a nun and had to acknowledge a nun and also a joke about a nun. The girls cousin is a nun and her mother in law, who passed, always said she should have been a nun. That brought some laughter to the group and a sure validation that she was connecting to several deceased loved ones. I went to several people in their group and then I began connection to two mothers that were quite humorous. First I had to bring up soup and the deceased mother insisted that someone was trying to duplicate her soup or stew and they were doing it wrong, they needed to add more stock and not water. Of all the things for this mother to bring up, she had to bring up her famous soup recipe. The names and details were both humorous detailed bringing closure and validation to the entire group, including one skeptic.

The two mothers were both such fun connections for me. The whole soup thing is something I don't think I will ever forget. Then she went on to show me a vision of a vehicle or bike going down a mountain after jumping the barrier and then crashing into a rock. The young man was very specific in describing his accident and how his head hit the rock at the bottom of the mountain. The vision was so vivid and clear to me that I could see the smoke from the dust of dirt coming up as the vehicle goes down the mountain. I can still remember this a little bit,whereas I do not always remember two many of the messages that comes through. I was lucky to have our friend Tracy at the event again and she took notes for me so I could blog about it.

The other mother figure that came through was such a fun upbeat energy to connect with. She came through yelling New York at me with a thick New York accent. I found myself talking that NY accent in front of the group and certainly feeling her energy. She kept bring up bagels and baked goods and I could not place my finger on it. The group I went to thought it was just because Baked goods are a big New York thing. I felt there was more to this. The accent was obviously a way of letting the group know that without a doubt I was communicating with their mother. Soon after I began getting another mother energy and father energy all coming through together. One kept showing me a really nice picnic basket and then one of the gentlemen in the group validated that from his mother that passed. She also showed me pictures of Niagara Falls which I related to the gentleman and he validated that he was just looking at those pictures on line the other day.

Often during readings spirit will bring up things that my client may have done over the past few weeks. This is just a way for them to acknowledge for my client that their deceased loved ones were with them at that moment. So this was his mothers way of letting him know that she was with him the other day when he was online looking at Niagara Falls trying to decide whether or not to go there on vacation. Of course his mother even said he should go and take two weeks instead of one. Then came the message about the apple pie that really hit the group pretty hard. All I said was apple pie and they all get very excited and amazed by that. Here the apple pie was a huge sign from their mother that they would expect her to mention. She made Apple pies all the time and would give them away. A sure sign that they did indeed a connection with their mother.

This event just flowed with more and more astounding messages with precise details. Again I understand being skeptical and all. I'm a skeptical person myself and have to see things to believe it. After an event like this I think to myself, how can one not believe after witnessing such amazing detailed messages from the deceased. The thing I think is funny but annoying at the same time is that there are people out there, like that jerk, James Randy, who sets out to destroy mediums and psychics. So in a case like this event where I'm able to give precise detailed information, like I did on America's Psychic Challenge, we (Psychics, Mediums) are then accused of putting people in the audience or questioning people before the event in order to get information from them, or setting the whole thing up one way or another. Come on Mr. Randy, you have to come up with something better then that. This is the same guy that offers anyone a million dollars to prove their psychic. Well Randy should have given that money away a long time ago. As we all know, he is actually never going to give that cash away. I think it is more that people are afraid of the unknown or they are just flat out close minded. The information, the gift, and the work all speak for itself. If psychics and mediums were not real then first of all they would not have existed since the beginning of time, like they have, and secondly, they would not be working with law enforcement solving cases every day as they do.

Even from my perspective it is interesting after fifteen years as a medium and twenty years as a psychic to see such amazingly detailed information come through from mediums like myself. This is just a small glimpse into the dozens of messages that came through during this event. There were also messages that came through from one gentlemen who passed when the plane hit his office window during the 911 attack in New York. I went to another group of people on the left side of the room that seemed very skeptical, at least a few were. Sometimes skeptics get the most detailed accurate readings just because spirit wants to make sure they get it. Get it meaning knowing that they did have a true connection.

A brother in law came through with details of his aneurysm and how his mother had an issue shipping his body back home. He even mentioned how the girl I was reading was attacked by bee's and stung dozens of times last summer while doing lawn work. He warned her that the bee's would be back this year to assure that she would not run into them again. I thought that was very thoughtful of him. He also brought up the number 53 and his mothers birthday is May 3. Then one guy in the group who was skeptical began to get a long over due message and apology from his father. There were major issues that his father was apologizing over and wanted to let his son know that it was OK that he did not see him before he passed. He felt that he deserved to die alone for abandoning his family. You could see the burden lift right off the guys shoulders. Things like that are what make my gift and work so fulfilling and so worth it.

I still have a list of notes from my last event at the Inn that Tracy took for me. She is very detailed and I could write a book on this event. I just wanted to share some of the connections with you and my thoughts on a few things. There was a police officer that came through to his wife that was in the audience and so much more. There is more to being a medium then just doing readings. It can be a burden at times and is not all that you think it is. Many times I have heard people say "I wish I could have a gift like yours." I often thing to myself "Do you really?" It is a lot to take on and can be overwhelming. There is not shut off switch and it is constant that I'm hounded by spirit, although I really don't mind.

Don't get me wrong, I love what I do and would not trade it for anything. I just would like others to know that there is more to it then you may think. Especially beings I see these things as if I'm actually there. I can not tell you how many times I have seen accidents, people shot themselves, murders, blood and other horrible things that just don't go away. They can haunt you if you let them and eat you up inside. I have learned to deal with these things but still can not handle to see children suffer or harmed in any way, this crushes my spirit. Like a few weeks ago when I blogged about the reading I did with the kids and wife that lost their father recently in a tragic accident. After they walked out of my office I actually sat and cried feeling their pain.

Like anything else in this life, nothing comes easy. And the things that do come we need to appreciate and be fortunate that we have them. Whether it be food, a home, or seeing the deceased, be grateful. There will always be someone that is doing worst then you are no matter what, so we must remember that. Even with my work, when people come to receive messages from someone the miss so dearly, why question it, embrace it and be fortunate that you were chosen to receive that special message. So if anything comes out of this post, I would hope that it has inspired you in some way. I hope I was able to open your mind and teach you something that you can carry through your journey hear on Earth. Thank you all so very much for allowing me to share my gift with you. I would like to also thank you for taking the time to read my blog. Again I hope that I was able to inspire you in some way.
Joseph Tittel


nadia said...

hi joseph
it is always interesting to read what you write for it shows us how different people are in their reactions. what you do is not easy at all, being a psychic and a medium you have to live with continious sights and is a pity that you won't have your program this week but you well deserve the break. :)
have a wonderful holiday enjoy disney and the wedding. looking fwd to reading your newsletter for this month.
by the way inyour april newsletter you mentioned the weather in april well as you said our april has been very unusual.
take care, be careful while on vaccation don't let anything spoil it.
best regards to bob.
with love
your fan from beirut lebanon

Unknown said...

Poor Bob! I am sorry that people have to take out their anger on the innocent. I was at that event and also one a while back on Street Road, and Bob was always the kind and most pleasant person in the room!!! I wasn't read, but enjoyed both event thoroughly!!!


Anonymous said...

Oh Joseph please dont move out to the West Coast, We need you here.:)

Anonymous said...

Can't wait to attend your reading in June that was postponed from 5-17 and experience first hand your wonderful gift. Have a safe much needed vacation. God Bless you and your family. Joann

mary said...

Mary wrote:
Hello Joseph,
My experience with you, is one I will carry with me for the rest of my life.
I can't begin to tell you the feeling of peace that came over me when I returned home that Friday nite. I have taken your advice and simply opened the bible and let the pages fall open. It took me to Margaret of Scotland. What an amazing experience, you shared with me and I will be forever grateful.

P.S. If a Linda happens to read these blogs, I would like to say, Thank you from the bottom of my heart for her warm consideration for her note writing on my behalf.

I hope and pray, I have the opportunity to see you again.

Warmest Regards to a remarkable man.