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Sunday, May 10, 2009

May Inspirational Message From Joseph

The following is the inspirational message that appeared in my May Newsletter Messages From The Other Side. Be sure to sign up to my newsletter by clicking here.

Finally April showers are behind us and much needed sunshine will be experienced throughout May. May is going to be a little bit crazy in the way of weather. There will be sudden cool temperatures followed by excessive heat and storms in some places. May is certainly going to have a different weather pattern in 2009. Don't let the weather stop you from getting your plants into the ground. You should do this in warmer climates usually in the second or third week in May. Cooler climates may have to wait until early June. If you are like myself and prefer to plant around the phases of the moon, then you should plant between May 24 and June 5.

The wonderful planet of Mercury will be going into retrograde with Gemini on May 7 and this will last until June 14. Gemini will be feeling the retrograde a little more then everyone else, but do not think you are safe from Mercury's wrath. Mercury seems to make things slow down and cause nothing more then one problem after another. I know, some of you may be thinking, it has been that way for me for a while. Well hold onto your seat because it could get worst.

Mercury seems to really effect communications more then anything and this will cause people to miss appointments, forget things and so forth. It also has an effect on those of you who have to use their brains a good bit in their work. Such as writers, critics, teachers, travelers and so on. Expect above normal delays at airports and bus stops. Mercury also has a way with making things break down, like computers, electronics, your car and even your phone. Be sure to focus on paying your bills early just in case the retrograde ends up delaying your mail too and before you know it you are paying late fee's.

Beginning during the retrograde you should be very cautious in what you sign and careful starting any new project like a business. Mercury can certainly effect the success of a project and that is why you should not start new things because you may regret it down the road. Now of course we could have opportunity knocking on your door in May and early June, just approach this with caution. This does not mean you should pass up the opportunity, just think it through and also expect delays in the long run.

For some signs there will be new opportunity coming your way in the form of career and business. Some of you will have to wait until the end of June and early July for that opportunity to come your way. Remember to project positive energy and positive thoughts. Any little bit of negativity can bring more delays and some bad karma too. In May you have to learn to bite your tongue or you fill find that your mouth could get you into trouble or hurt someones feelings and you wouldn't want to do that, now would you? Really all we can do in May is hang in there and find a few things to do around the house to help time fly.

Mercury is a good time to finish a project that you may have put down for a while. It is also a great time to do some spring cleaning and cleaning up the clutter in your life. What I mean by cleaning up the clutter in your life does not mean cleaning the messy closet. What I mean is it is a good time to rid yourself of negative people, places and things. Perfect timing to end a sour relationship or friendship and rid your life of all negative things that have been effecting your life. Get prepared for a hot and busy summer. You are going to find that summer flies this year and before you know it we will be running our heater once again. Have a great month everyone and be sure not to fight the retrograde, instead, go with the flow. With Love & Light.

Affirmation For Life

I create positive energy in my life each and every day and surround myself in white pure light and Positive energy.

Affirmation For Yourself

I love the person I see in the mirror every day & appreciate the things I have. I have faith in myself and grow from these positive things and positive thoughts in my life.

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