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Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Cleansing & Protecting Your Home & Life Of Negative Energy

The following is an article from my April Newsletter.
Think of negative energy in your home as if it were like dust.
Over time the negative energy builds up in corners of your home. Some rooms are a bit more dirtier then other rooms. And some homes have more dirt then others just as some homes are not as clean as others. People also have a lot to do with the energy in their homes and in their offices. A person who is negative will tend to have an office or home full of negative energy and you will also notice that they are more miserable and seem to always have problems, whether they be personal problems and even health problems. The energy that surrounds us greatly effects our lives and our health. A negative home or office will have effects on your concentration, your sleep and even your immune system.

Many years ago I found myself in a situation where I was always sick and had negative things happening all around me. This lasted for many years. I would even sit back and try to look at why so many negative things were going on and how I could go about changing that. I had even gotten so sick that I was in bed with Mono. for at least four months. It even got to the point where I just thought it was me and my life and therefore nothing I would do could fix it. It was not until things got better and I looked back on the situation did I understand more about how we can create negative lives.

It actually was not just me that was causing the issue, it was the people around me. Those that I spend a large amount of time with. I could not believe that I spent those years surrounded by negative people. They were not necessarily bad people, just negative. They would think negative, gossip negatively, and say hurtful things about others. These negative people, including a few that I worked with, began to help me built up a huge cloud of negative energy around myself. So much that it made me sick and nothing ever seemed to go right.

I should have known better beings I opened a new age shop at the age of 19. I knew how to cleanse my home and live positive. But then something happened and I left the business and jumped off the path of being spiritual. That is when things went down hill. I was to learn a lesson from losing the business, but was not suppose to leave my spiritual life. That was one of the many reasons things got bad.

Another thing that can cause negative energy around us is when people send it to us. It may sound crazy to some, but it is true. We live in a world full of negative and jealous people. People think bad things of us and send us negative energy and thoughts most of the time without even realizing it. It is not really smart on their part beings anything you put out, both good and bad, comes back to you three times over. It does not pay to be jealous, mean to others or think negatively about others. There could be people you work with and even at times your own friends that are sending you negative energy. This is why it is not just important to cleanse your home, but to protect yourself too. I will cover more on the topic of protection and others ways of cleaning up the clutter in a later article. For now lets focus on cleaning up some of the negative energy in the home or office.

A few years ago I met a doctor who has now grown to become a very good friend. I was listening to her speak and was inspired by something she said that still sticks in my mind. She said we should avoid negative people, negative places and negative things. She also said you need to clean up the clutter in your life. That statement is so true and I have applied that to my life and it works. But to begin you really should learn the basics of cleansing the home and office and then more on to focusing on cleaning up other clutter in your life. It is obvious as to how you can avoid negative people, places and things. Just avoid those who are negative and don't expose yourself to a place that is negative for you, including maybe even a family gathering or party.

Let us begin with the home or office. Go out and get yourself a sage stick. Sometimes you can find a mix of sage and cedar and that will work just fine. This is an ancient practice used by Native American Indians and oher traditions. You can find them in and new age book store or online. You will also want to light a few white candles, one in each room if possible. Then get yourself some sea salt, not table salt, which is available at the grocery store. Mix a few tablespoons of sea salt with a cup of water, preferably spring or purified water. Light your candles and then go from room to room sprinkling, with your fingers, the sea salt water mixture. You should do this in every room mostly in the corners of the room and in the closets. When your finished you can light your sage stick. Some sticks are hard to light and it helps when you blow on it to get it smoking. Once the sage stick is burning well you will go room to room once again fanning the sage smoke throughout the house and in the closets. It helps to say a little prayer such as the following: "Lord (Or Spirit), please cleanse this space and home of all negative energy and allow only good to enter herein. May the archangels protect my home from all evil and all negative energy. So be it."

Your home now on its way to becoming a wonderfully positive and negative free place to reside. It also helps to have a home that is very clean with little to no clutter. In some traditions it is believed that the entire home should be washed down with a mixture of water, sea salt, and a little bit of amonia. Personally I use a mixture of water and a cap of bleach. It also helps to place one bay leaf in each corner of your home for protection. A few other things that help bring positive energy into the home is plants, especially the good luck bamboo plant. Some traditions believe you should have one bamboo plant in each room of the home. Having a fountain with running water in the home also helps create positive energy and brings a relaxed atmosphere. So many things can influence our lives, our moods and how we feel. Even the color you paint the walls in your home can greatly effect the energy. Just doing a few things each month will help you to feel better and to live better.

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