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Thursday, May 28, 2009

American Idol Scandal & Other Predictions Come True

Bob and I are both fans of the hit show American Idol. This year my votes went to the winner Chris Allen. Years ago when Rubin Studder won American Idol I knew, without a doubt, deep in my heart that the votes were rigged. Same thing happened to me this year. I knew that Adam was going to win but at the same time I did not see it happening, if that makes any sense. I just could no put my finger on it because I saw them both winning which made no sense to me.

Then I remembered my predictions for 2009. There was a prediction I made during that two hour New Years Radio show about American Idol. I even made an update to that prediction a few months ago. Here is the original prediction from my blog:

"American Idol will hit headlines because of a scandal and a possibility that the show is fixed."

The following update was made on April 8:

"Many years ago when Rubin Studder won over Clay I knew in my heart the show was rigged. Look how far Clay has come since then and as for Rubin. ou don't hear much about him. When I was doing my meditation on the 2009 predictions it was no surprise to me to see a headlione that said American Idol Fixed and American Idol Exposed. I believe there is more to come about the scandal aspect of this prediction."

Well new is out now about a scandal with AT&T influencing votes in favor for Chris Allen to win. I wanted Chris to win anyway, but it is so wring that these reality shows are fixed and a lot of the time it is who the producers favor, for whatever reasons, that actually win. I had no doubt wen I saw this is my mediation that it was certainly going to happen. This is exactly what I was seeing in my meditation. You can read more about this American Idol Scandal and the possibility that the entire voting process was fixed by clicking

Another prediction that seems to have just come to pass was what I said about the weather and floods in Florida. Here is the exact prediction from this blog New Years Day:

Floods will be a major problem in 2009 and I see one country covered in water. This could be due to a tsunami, tidal wave or hurricane. This will kill several hundred.

Floods will also effect Florida, Texas and Parts of California and the mid-west.

Florida just endured a ton of rain fall and more then 20 inches of rain in some parts of Florida. The flood were really bad last week. A friend of mines lives near Daytona and she told me the water came up to her door and she could not get out to drive to work. I hate to say it, but this is not the worst of what Florida will experiences later on in 2009. I expect huge weather changes, storms, floods and most likely a pretty big hurricane. I also just saw something on the news about another country that was under water with major disaster as far as floods, I think it may be in India. This is just the beginning of a serious weather nightmare for many this Summer and early Fall.

One other thing I wanted to point out in my prediction actually came from a comment left on my blog post by Goletasue. He mentioned that today Honduras was hit by a major 7.1 earthquake. There are now tsunami warning in effect for the area. I did predict 3 major earthquakes this year and can not be sure that this is one of them. One that I saw was very huge killing hundreds or even thousands like the one that hit China or Japan last year. It is pretty obvious, at least to me, that the Earth is about to do some major cleaning up. This will cause major weather related disasters and each year we will see them increase more and more. That is why we all need to pitch in. Conserve energy, recycle and so forth. Grow your own vegetable garden if you can or plant a tree. Every little bit that we do will benefit our Mother Earth. Thank you for taking the time to stop by and read my blog. Have a wonderful day.


Liara Covert said...

How honest one is with and about the true self determines a sense of meaning and success in life. Heard you on Blog Talk Radio. You resonate positive energy and remind people the power of intention matters.

nadia said...

hi joseph
wanted to tune in yesterday to your program but sadly fell asleep while waiting for as you know by now your program starts at 3a.m. our local time.
the readon for my note on your blog is related to the weather disaster that hit colorado yesterday. while waiting for your program to begin i was watching the news and up came the terrible pictures of the area hit by the tempet.
wish you a nice day and hope that all your happy good nice predictions come true.
have a nice day
by the way the weather report watched on TV was dated 16/6/09
with love
your lebanese friend

Anonymous said...


Thank you for your insights and predictions for 2009! A lot of them are really quite do you see these things and not be fearful? I have also "seen" some of these things coming but have never been confident in my ability to actually predict events...more just get a feel for the "atmosphere" of things I guess and can generally figure out whats going on or will happen, even if its not what is reported to be happening. You say the world will change drastically...but you do not say if its for the better. There is so much wrong today...pollution, violence, poverty...I could go on and you see a chance for us in general in the future? Or is it all just doom and gloom and a "drastically" different world?

Hope this comment finds you well!