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Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Today's 4pm Radio Show Cancelled & 2009 Predictions Deleted

Hello everyone. I was notified today by a blog reader that suddenly my 2009 predictions have disappeared from my blog. So you know, I was not the one to delete them. The just disappeared and luckily there is still a copy in my blog archives. I have just put them back up and made sure I have a hard copy. I did a little bit of updating with the predictions and will finish updating them over the next few days. I'm also working on getting the April newsletter out sometime this afternoon or evening. If you come across a prediction of mine that comes true please let us know by leaving a comment on my 2009 predictions post. If at all possible, please leave a link to the news article. My April newsletter will be including an article on how to cleanse your home of negative energy. I will be looking for others to write articles for future newsletters.

Today's 4pm radio show on WBCB is canceled. From now on there will be no afternoon show on the first Tuesday of each month. This evenings show on blog talk radio is still on. Tonight I will have my good friend Bridhid Murphy on the show. Bridhid (She spells here name that way) is a Reiki master and we will be talking all about Reiki Healing. Brighid Murphy has been a student of the Healing Arts for more than 15 years. Drawn to the metaphysical at a young age, she began to explore Reiki and energetic healing in 1996, earning her Reiki Master/Teacher Initiation a few years later. Brighid has facilitated Reiki training for adults as well as "Magic Hands" classes for children and teenagers for the past ten years. She continues to study and apply what she learns, both through her own life and the lives of the young people she works with, as she continually seeks to expand her skills and experience. Hope you tune in live and enjoy the show. Have a great day everyone.

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