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Thursday, June 21, 2007

Day 2 Inside The Eastern State Pen.

Tonight's experience was much more detailed then the previous evening inside the prison. Bob and I arrived once more at the prison gates at 4:30 PM. We met up with the Garden State Ghost Hunters Society and the producers once again. The evening began with a few hours of filming interviews and a few other things. Then the crew from the GSGHS began setting up their equipment before the 8PM dinner break. This is where I was to connect with an energy other then a spirit from the prison.

All day it was bugging me that I kept seeing a woman around the camera girl. I didn't say anything to her about it until the second day of filming. I knew the energy belonged to her for several reasons. The first reason was the fact that it was a wonderful mother energy around her. The second fact was the woman I had seen around her was Asian, as was she. We were inside the prison filming a segment and I had to tell her that this mother figure was hanging around her. She really did not say much at the time.

At the dinner break she could not help but to ask more a little more about what I saw. I told her "There is a mother figure around you very strongly."
She responded "What do you mean by strongly". I said"If she is around you strongly she must have a message for you." I went on to explain. "She seems younger to me so I would think it would be your mother around you. She tells me that she had cancer in the stomach area." She seemed to get a little choked up and told me that her mother did pass from stomach cancer. She asked again what was the message. I let her know that her mother just wanted to let her know that she is at peace and happy. Also that she was very proud of her daughter. I believe I gave her a few dates also. That was a very heartwarming experience for me, and I'm sure it was for her also.

After dinner darkness fell and we headed into the prison and to ground central. We were set up in the center of the prison so that we had a view of all the cell blocks. If you go on the prisons web site at, you will get a better idea of our location. All of the equipment needed to be checked first and the lighting adjusted. You can also check out the Garden State Ghost Hunters Society web site at, to get a better look at what they do.

As the equipment was being checked at the end of cell block 7 by Dave, one of the GSGHS members, he began to feel very ill. We had to get him out of the cell block for a few minutes. I went into the infirmary with Dave and Rob to check the equipment and take some pictures. I caught several shots of some orbs . I was getting a feeling of sadness and death in the infirmary,along with the presence of many energies. I also kept getting death from TB during some time in 1872.

After checking out the infirmary the producer, Megan, decided they were going to have another member of the Ghost Hunters, Keri, go into the infirmary and sit in silence. Meanwhile we watched in the cameras in the other room. I was able to communicate with Keri any information That I was feeling. This is when I was to meet a semi friendly spirit by the name of Mario Scarletti.

I could see Mario staring right into Keri's face playing with her and touching her. When I walked through the infirmary someone brushed a hand across my face. I know realize that this was Mario. I could also see a nurse going back and forth on the camera's as if she was still helping sick inmates. She kept saying "get into you beds". I radioed in to Keri that Mario was in her face and should could feel his touch. A few minutes after alerting Keri we had company at ground central. Mario decided to come out and pay us a visit. The infirmary got quiet and Keri headed to ground central.

Another energy I had come across once again this evening was the man who kept telling me Charley William. I had also seen a black dog run through the prison blocks several times. A few of the ghost hunters had also seen a few cats roaming the halls. We all met up at ground central and got ready to head back down into cell block number 7. This is where we were to run into many energies and discovered some interesting information about cell block number 7. This is also the same cell block that Dave began to feel sick and nauseous.

Upon entering cell block 7 I had began to talk to the spirits. "Is there anyone here? What is your name? Can you show us a sign of your presence?" We stopped at the stairs in the beginning of the block. I placed a ball on the steps and asked Mario or any other energies present to move the ball. We waited a few minutes with no response and moved forward down the block. I asked them once again to move the ball by the time we get back. Then we moved forward. We headed to cell block number 7-42 and 7-49. They were numbers I was hearing earlier. There was a an inmate that said he had hung himself in one of the blocks.

A few other names I received were Alex or Alic Hugh's and the last name Walker. We also photographed several orbs throughout, as you can see in the pictures very clearly. There is also a supercharged orb that appears in a picture with the color green. When reaching cell block number 50 I began to get sick and dizzy. I felt like I needed to sit, but we had to go on. One inmate told me an interesting story. He was burned out of his cell. I was told that he was accused of being a rat or nark. Someone threw something in the cell and burned him alive. I would love to research this information to see if I can find anything.

Another energy had come along with a few others that kept telling me the last cell on the left. What about the last cell on the left? The response I got was "we are waiting there for you, we have something to show you." Who are you? Mike is all that I could hear. I also received another name Bill Henley or Harvey. There was also a John or Jim Callahan. We headed down to the last cell on the left and I headed into the cell first. We all crowded in and could not believe what we had come across. It was a tunnel where the inmates had tried digging out. They told me there were four of them shoved into the little cell. Dave used his recorder and began asking questions. To every ones amazement Dave had actually picked up a voice on the recorder.

Another interesting thing that had happened when we were heading down cell block 7 was the sudden temperature change. When I was calling for an energy to show us a sign, the temperature dropped 12 to 14 degree's in a matter of 30seconds. The ghost hunters were even amazed by that effect. The temp went to 62 degree's. There was no where in the prison that was that cool. It was like 90 degree's outside and about 85 in the prison. The temperature change along with what happened to the ball were two of my favorite experiences.

You are probably wondering "the ball", what actually did happen to the ball? Well I can't tell you everything. You have to watch Mysterious Journey's when it airs this fall. When we explored the cell blocks and I asked the spirits to give me their names and show us a sign, I had taken along my own audio recorder for the experience. Dave was able to catch a voice on his recorder. I have not yet had the time to review my audio tapes. I'm sure I may have captured something on my tapes. You may also know that I forget much of the information that I receive. Bob took notes and there is more on my tapes that I have not included yet. Keep a watch on my blog and I will let you know more information as it comes to me. I will also try to upload the audio on this site if there is something that I hear.

I have also become friends with Bonnie and her entire ghost hunting team. They have asked Bob and I to join them this weekend at another prison, this time in New Jersey. We are not sure if we will make that event. I will try to research all the messages I had received in the prison. Make sure you click on the picture I put up today. This will enlarge the picture enough to see the Obs and the super charged Orb.

Picture 1 = Filming Mysterious Journey's
Picture 2 = Garden State Ghost Hunters Society T-Shirt
Picture 3 = Bob hanging out inside the E. State Pen.
Picture 4 = Check this one out by clicking on the picture. There is a face
watching over the left side of my head (right side of picture)
Picture 5 = In search of some spirits in a pitch dark prison.
Picture 6 = This is Font sizethe courtyard. There is a small orb toward the bottom of picture.
Picture 7 = This is the infirmary.
Picture 8 = Ground Central
Picture 9 = Click on this picture and you will see the green super charged orb.
Picture 10 = Look at the orbs in cell block number 5.
Picture 11 = A few more orbs in the infirmary.
Picture 12 = Orbs in cell block 6.
Picture 13 = Hello Orb! This is a huge orb in cell block 7.
Picture 14 = There is an orb in the gate outside near the courtyard.
Giving someone the validation that their mother is at peace and proud of them is such a heartwarming experience.

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