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Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Preparing For Prison

Today is the day of preparation before entering into America's Most Haunted Place, and the World's Most Haunted Prison. Yes, I an beginning to get a little nervous. I had initially three Spirit Guide and now have a forth. I never know that we could have a new Spirit Guide join us. I was told that this new guide is a protecting guide and the name of my new guide is Asriel.

The filming that is going on is not at all what makes me nervous, its the energies that reside at the prison. Being told I have a new guide makes it all the more nerve racking. I'm sure that everything will go well, as long as we all return safely.

I up-dated my web site today with the new Blog link and sent out e-mails to get you to come onto my blog. I hope you enjoy the experiences I share with you. Now I will go eat a big lunch and begin my preparation for this evening. We will arrive at the prison at 4:30 and meet with the producers and Ghost hunting team. I'm guessing we will not go deep into the prison until about 9. I will meditate after I eat and get ready, I will pray and protect myself with a shield of light. Then we will be on our way.

Life is full of experiences, enjoy them and remember them always.

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funnyhaha1122 said...

Good Luck to you are a good man. You bring happiness to who ever comes in contact with you!