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Monday, June 25, 2007

Friday's Show

Friday was my first show at the Doubletree Suites in Mount Laurel New Jersey. The room was nice, but the microphones they provided did not work. Personally I do not need a microphone when doing a show, I think I'm loud enough without the mic. The reason that we like to have microphone is mainly so that the person I read in the audience can be heard. It is important for everyone to hear their responses to the messages that are coming through.

One of my goals in conducting my work is help others understand that our deceased loved ones are with us. When I'm in front of an audience of people it may get boring if they can not hear whats going on with the person I'm reading. Every message that comes through is a message for everyone. Beings that the messages are for everyone, it is important for all audience members to pay attention and hear what is being said by both myself and the person I'm reading.

Friday's show went very well and I know that the messages that came through were very heartwarming and validating for everyone who had attended. Many people know that when I conduct my work I'm in a meditative trace like state, therefore I do not remember many of the messages that come through. There were actually two connections I had Friday that really stick in my mind.

The first energy I remember well was that of a young man, maybe in his late thirties or early forties. There were a few dates that he gave me that I do not recall at all. One of the women in the audience claimed the information and I went on with the messages. The young man was giving me a feeling of a tragic death, one that affected the entire body. I was getting the feeling of an impact and I told her he was telling me that all of his bones were broken. A few other things he was showing me was a fire engine, a ladder and the roof of a building, another date and number forty four.

The woman did not understand the fire engine, but she understood everything else. The date was either his birthday or the day he had passed. The young man was her nephew who had fallen 44 stories from the liberty one building in Philadelphia. This explained the tragic passing along with all of his bones being broken. Another message I remember telling the woman was that his heart actually gave half way through the fall. She wiped a tear from her eyes and thanked me for that message.

The next energy that came through would have a problem getting someone to claim it. He was a 23 year old who had passed from an accidental death. He kept telling me he was 23 and was showing me a picture of a young man in the military. I kept repeating what I was seeing and still no one would acknowledge the information as a message for them. I could not move on until the message got through.

Then finally a young man in the last row raised his hand and responded. I think I understand the military picture and I have a friend that died when he was 23. The reading went on and I was seeing a gun and more messages pored out with dates and so much more validating information. The Young many was fooling around with the gun waving it in the air. Thinking the gun was unloaded, the gun went off. The bullet hit him in the head killing him instantly. It was an accident he kept telling me, I didn't know the gun was loaded. Tears fell from the young mans eyes as he confirmed that all the information was true.

This was a very close friend of his coming through to me with the messages. His friend even joked with his about being skeptical. He joking had me say "You didn't want to come tonight, but your wife dragged you here." He looked at his wife and laughed. The reason I had a hard time getting the information to him was because he was so skeptical. He just did not believe that in coming to the event that there would actually be a connection for him. I wouldn't think that he is a skeptic any longer.

There was one other thing I remember from the Friday night event. I only remember a small part of it. I was reading a woman and I remember asking her who the police officer is. The man sitting next to her was her husband, and he is a police officer. I told him that I saw him getting a big promotion soon and he confirmed that he is up for promotion to captain. I told him when he gets the job mention me to keep me in mind if he ever needs help with a case.

It is OK to be a skeptic, but remain open minded.

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